Best Vacuum Cleaners Under £100

Vacuum Cleaners Under 100 Pounds


Budget vacuum cleaners

Searching for the best vacuum cleaner under £100 in the UK? You have just come to the right place.

I have just finished up on searching vacuum cleaners under £100 and have made a guide and reviews on The Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners Under £100.

If you’re buying a low budget vacuum cleaner that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get the work of a high budget vacuum cleaner. You can still get a perfect vacuum cleaner under £100.

Now it doesn’t matter where you’re living because I have looked up for you some great reviews on some affordable vacuum cleaners.

You just need to choose your vacuum cleaner by reading its reviews and you can order it now by clicking on the link because I have already linked each one of them through Amazon.


As I was going through affordable vacuum cleaners at the end only one problem bothered me a lot that was the suction.

So I went through as many Cheap vacuum cleaners as I could and ended up on finding other vacuum cleaners that were under £100 but did the job perfectly.

Here is the list of the top Nine best budget vacuum cleaners:

1. Hoover Whirlwind-Best Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Under £100

Hoover Whirlwind Evo WRE06

Hoover has been working over the years to improve their vacuum cleaners and now the time has come that Hoover vacuum cleaners have started growing up. We can say that now they have understood the need for people and what they need to clean their houses. Moreover, we can call them one of the best vacuum cleaners at this time.

This is the Upright version of Hoover that is best for small houses or flats. The suction is perfect and it works great on all types of floors. The good part of this vacuum cleaner is that it has a place where you can keep the attachments. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight vacuum cleaner and it’s easy to adjust.

The con of this vacuum cleaner is that it’s noisy so you can’t do any hoovering at midnight especially with this vacuum cleaner. Moving on to the pons that it works great also on hard floors and also has a rotating brush in order to clean the house thoroughly. It’s also very easy to carry up the stairs and all over the house. This vacuum cleaner is also very easy to store maybe in the kitchen or in the cupboard.

It’s a bagless vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the canister is very easy to empty, you just need to clip it off and empty it in the bin and then clip it back on, that’s quite easy.

Overall, this is the best budget vacuum cleaner on which you can spend money on and it won’t disappoint you at all as it’s suction is outstanding and it’s very easy to empty.


  • Noise Level : 89 dB 
  • Hose Length : 2.5m
  • Cord Length : 5m
  • Capacity : 2.5L 
  • Power : 750 watts
  • Weight: 3.9 Kg 

What users had to say about Hoover Whirlwind:

After our old hoover died, this is the perfect replacement! Very strong suction but still easy to push along on carpet, it picks up everything including dog hair and it doesn’t get stuck around the filter – a problem we had with our old hoover. Very lightweight to carry upstairs etc

Here is a summary of the main Pros and Cons of Hoover Whirlwind Upright Vacuum

  • Excellent suction.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to empty.
  • The cord is a bit too short.
  • No height adjustment for different floor types.
  • Falls over easy.

2. Hoover Whirlwind – Best Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Cylinder Vacuum best budget vacuum under 100 pounds
Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Hoover Whirlwind Pets Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is also one of an ideal vacuum cleaner which is great for small houses and pet owners.

A good thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it has a well-sized canister of about 1.5L. So this means that the collection capacity of dust is good enough and you don’t have to empty it again and again. 

Another great thing about this Vacuum Cleaner is that it comes with a turbo attachment that especially deals with pet hairs. So now you don’t need to worry about dealing with pet hairs all over your house whether on the sofa or any carpet.

Usage of the attachment is very easy as you just need to clip it on and now roll it over you will see the result as it captures all the hair and sucks everything inside of it. This works best for cats and dog hair but if you have long hair then it might not work as the way expected and the hair might get tangled.

One of the good things in this vacuum is Cyclonic Technology. Cyclonic Technology works in separating the dust so the filter lasts longer. You know it better than not many people bother cleaning the filter in vacuum cleaners.

Overall, It’s a great vacuum cleaner for pet owners and small houses or flats as it is easy to store.


  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Total reach: 7.5m
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Noise Level: 85 dB
  • Capacity: 1.5L

What people are saying about Hoover Whirlwind Cylinder Vacuum

Love this hoover. I bought it to replace its similar model (Rapid) which gave up. I find it has excellent suction, keeping drum and filters clean is the secret. I actually bought replacement filters on Amazon, which I had from the previous model, which is an excellent idea as washing is vital and the filter can take a while to dry out.

A closer look at some of its pros and cons.

  • Powerful suction
  • Good carpet cleaning up to edge
  • Compact and light to carry
  • Quality telescopic tubes
  • Poor pet hair performance
  • Noisy

3. Jajibot -Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Jajibot vacuum cleaner may be the vacuum cleaner you are just looking for, as it has all the necessary things that a vacuum owner needs in a budget under €100. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner keeps your home as well as your car clean from dust. 

The Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful suction power of 12000 Pa on high speed. This vacuum cleaner is easy to carry, clean litter, dust, hard floor, shorter pile carpets, and longer pile carpets.

It has a weight of 1.8kg which helps in cleaning the house easily without getting tired and makes it easier to clean dust from curtains, beds, and sofas.

Three steps are there to completely separate the fine dust from the air and the HEPA Filtration System enables the to prevent suction weakening in the vacuum cleaner. It comes with a full-size brush, carpet brush, and floor brush which means it has different types of brushes for different types of floors. The dustbin is as easy to empty by just one click in a way you don’t need to wash your hands.

With all these features it also comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which differs it from others. Furthermore, it has a powerful suction power with very low noise. So we can call it a friendly vacuum cleaner that deals with all types of dust as well as pet hair. 


  • Charging Time: 4.5 hrs
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Motor Power: 120W
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Motor Power: 120W
  • Suction Power: 12000-9000 Pa
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5L
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Battery: 2200mAh

Users’ feedback after using Jajibot Cordless Vacuum;

Wow!!!!!!! Best £100 I’ve ever spent!!! Bought for me for during the week as I can’t lift the main hoover (a henry) due to a slipped disc, Hubby does main cleans on weekends the pic shows what I picked up just from lounge and kitchen the very next day (we have 2 dogs) can be used 1 handed (my right arm is useless due to disc) I finally can keep up the maintenance of the house during the week! I promise you won’t regret buying this!!! Worth every penny!!

Some of the Pros and Cons of Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful Suction
  • Versatile and Lightweight
  • Efficient Filtration System
  • Full set of Cleaning Tools
  • Not Found

4. Hoover Enigma TE70

Hoover Enigma Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner,
Hoover Enigma Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover company always tries to fulfil the needs at an affordable price, the Hoover Enigma TE70 is the fantastic opinion for you when it comes to cleaning tiny dust particles and allergens.

It has a Class A energy rating. It has advanced tools that make it different from other vacuum cleaners including pets turbo brush, variable power and allergy care. The pets turbo brush is best for trapping the long and short pet hair.

The variable power enables to clean the dust from curtains and sofas. The allergy care is also great because it helps to reduce the dust when emptying the dust container. It has a lightweight of 4.9kg so it can be carried easily. The Hoover Enigma TE70 is suitable for shorter pile carpets, hard floors and also longer pile carpets. If you’re looking for a powerful cleaner in less budget this vacuum cleaner will be the best option for you.


  • Motor Power: 700W
  • Capacity: 3.2L
  • Power Cord: 9m
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Noise Level: 79dB

What previous users had to say after using the Hoover Enigma :

Nice Hoover, I wouldn’t say it’s built to last and one of the hose attachments has to be dragged across the floor as it has no wheels but the suctions ok and for the price, it’s not too bad overall.

Some of it pros and cons:

  • Build quality is good
  • Great suction power
  • Very good pet hair remover attachment
  • Instructions aren’t very clear
  • The finish feels a little cheap

5. AmazonBasics Best Canister Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

 AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum
AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum

The AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable vacuum cleaner that has an energy rating of Class A.This vacuum cleaner also contains a HEPA filter system that helps to catch the smallest dust particles and prevent them from coming back into the air. The triple-action nozzle is fantastic for catching the dust and debris, that is great for the patients of asthma and allergies. The filter in the AmazonBasics Vacuum is good at collecting 99% of the allergens and the air which comes out is clean air. Its energy usage is low and even it’s very powerful to control most applications. It can be used for shorter pile carpets, hard floors and also longer pile carpets. Its dust bag is also very simple to remove. The AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner has an operating radius of 5m. It’s great by all means with a weight of 4.5 kg and low noise level.


  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Power: 700W
  • Dust Re-emission Class: A
  • Filter: HEPA 12
  • Noise Level: 78 dB
  • Capacity: 1.5 I
  • Operating Radius: 5m

Users’ feedback after using AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum

“AmazonBasics Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is definitely Economical and at the same time very effective. This is designed similar to high price tag bagless vacuum cleaners and has some cool features. First of all the fact, its bagless itself is something which worked for me. Suction power can be controlled and its works great even at lower suction. From the looks point of view, it’s pretty attractive In summary, it’s a great vacuum cleaner which does a great job at lower price tag !! Definitely recommended”

Here is a summary of AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Pros and cons:

  • It’s very lightWeight and easy to move and carry around.
  • The head is small and can get under and around furniture easily.
  • It picks up pretty well from hard floors.
  • It comes with some tools.
  • The dust chamber is easy to empty.
  • The lead is very short.
  • It’s so light that it flips over if you pull it too hard.

6. Duronic – Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum
Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

The Duronic VC5010 is an electric bagless vacuum with a vicious cylinder and a wonderful A+  energy rating. Some electric cleaners are very heavy to push and pull and we get tired and bored quickly but VC5010 enables you to get your job done with ease and quickly. It may also make the task more enjoyable.

 It has highly effective HEPA filters which helps to catch even the very smallest dust particles and not let them escape again in the air. 

It operates with a 500W motor which makes it the most efficient vacuums on the market. It contains two brush attachments, one is the floor brush that is good for hard floors and shorter pile carpets and the other is a turbo floor brush that can be used for longer pile carpets. Even the dust container is easy to remove, it slides out just with a click.


  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Operating Radius: 6.0 m
  • Capacity: 4.0 I
  • Noise Level: 72 dB
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Power: 500W
  • *)Energy Efficiency: A+

What past users have to say after using the Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

I really like this vac, I would class it as the best one that I have owned as it really cleans the carpets. One thing that I’m disillusioned about is that when vacuuming over carpets using the head with the switch on top that should change from carpet to hard floor the suction is too strong even with the air vent open. It sticks to the floor so not able to vacuum forward and back over the carpets, I can only drag it one way towards me !! Can anybody explain this? However, luckily the other head works fine

Here is a summary of the main pros and cons of Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

  • Build quality is good
  • Great suction power
  • Very good pet hair remover attachment
  • Instructions aren’t very clear
  • The finish feels a little cheap

7. Henry HVR 160-11 – Best Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

Numatic Henry Compact HVR160
Numatic Henry Compact HVR160

Have you ever heard of the Henry 200, it’s the most reliable vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom, but for some people, it wasn’t affordable so the Numatic company decided to make a smaller package of it?

  Numatic  Henry Compact HVR160 has all the features of Henry 200.You may see the difference of size and weight but nothing more. This vacuum cleaner enables you to clean faster and for longer, it has  10M cable and 6L drum capacity. 

The TriTex Filtration System has also been added to it that is very helpful to clean smaller dust particles and larger debris. It can be used for carpets(shorter pile and longer pile), cars, stairs and hard floors. Nothing can beat the Henry HVR160 in versatility. It is the perfect option for you if you can’t afford the expensive vacuum cleaners and it has all the abilities that are required for the housework.


  • Motor Power: 620W
  • Suction: 2300mm
  • Capacity: 6L
  • Cleaning Radius: 26.1m
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Dimensions: 320 × 340 × 345mm (L×W×H)

What people are saying about Henry Compact HVR160:

“I have a chronic cough which seems to be worse in dusty conditions. Somebody recommended a Henry and it is much, much better than the vac I had before. The suction is impressive, it goes right up to the skirting, and the brush attachment gets in the crevices of the skirting board as well as doing a good job on upholstery. My cough is better since I started using it.”

Here is a summary of the main pros and cons of Numatic  Henry Compact HVR160

  • Easy to use
  • Solid build quality
  • Great suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Long cord
  • Not easy to use on stairs as appliance does not sit on a stair.

8. VYTRONIX 22.2v-Best Cordless Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Upright Handheld Stick HEPA

Vytronix may not be a brand that you’ve heard before but it is the most efficient brand you’ve maybe seen. The Vytronix Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an essential tool for housework with a 22.2V LI-ION battery and O.5L capacity.

Other vacuum cleaners are heavy in weight and we get bored and tired quickly but the Vytronix 22.2v is a vacuum cleaner that comes with a lightweight of only 2.3 kg which enables you to clean the area easily and quickly without getting bored and tired.

You can clean constantly for 35-40 minutes with a single charge. It can be used to clean shorter pile carpets, hard floors and also longer pile carpets. It is also very helpful in collecting the very smallest dust particles and not letting them escape back into the air. The dust container is very simple to remove. And the noise level of this vacuum cleaner is also normal so it isn’t much noise. The Vytronix 22.2v has all the abilities which are required for cleaning and collecting debris.


  • Dimensions: 69×29.5×13cm (L×W×H)Item 2
  • Power: 22.2V LI-ION battery
  • Capacity: 0.5L
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
  • Charge Run-time: 35-40 mins

A closer look at what past users said about VYTRONIX Vacuum

Great piece of kit lightweight and very easy to use comes with attachments and great price simplicity in design and very easy to dismantle for cleaning and emptying of dust collector would recommend product to anyone who is looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner

Some of its pros and cons:

  • Poerful Battery
  • Cord free cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Not found

9. Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder

Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder
Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder

The Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a strong and most efficient vacuum cleaner. It comes with a long 12m cord that enables you to reach every corner, especially the stairs.

 It’s lightweight makes it easier to carry it and its dust capacity is 1.5 litres that mean no need to empty the dust container again and again. It’s most essential feature is the turbo tool which is very helpful for collecting the fine dust and pet hair from all types of floors. 

The Advanced HEPA Filtration System has also been added to it that helps in trapping 99% of the debris and allergens and not letting them escape back into the air. It isn’t much noise so it would be a great choice if you’re looking for a low noise level vacuum cleaner. The Vax Air Stretch has all the abilities that are to be needed for strongly collecting all the allergens and dust particles leading to a clean and tidy house.


  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Power Cord: 6m
  • Motor Power: 850W
  • Noise Level: 78dB
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Filter: HEPA

What past users have to say after using Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder:

This is a great product which deals with the pet fur on my carpet easily. It has very good suction, is easy to clean out and relatively light, so I can lift it more easily than some I’ve had in the past. When I got this I gave away my old vacuum, even though it was working, but this one is better. I would recommend this vacuum cleaner.”

Some pros and cons:

  • Powerful multi-cyclonic technology
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Large Capacity
  • 12m reach
  • 3 in 1 Tool
  • Turbo Tool
  • Hoses are tricky to remove

The Complete Guide to Picking the Best Vacuum Cleaner

If your budget is just £100 that doesn’t mean you just have to skip its quality. Looking for a vacuum under £100? You have come to the right place because here I will provide you with the best reviews of vacuum cleaners just under £100 and I will guarantee you on its workout. 

Now I will tell you what you have to look out for on a vacuum cleaner if your budget is under £100.


If you are living in a small flat you won’t need any upright vacuum cleaner, so the best choice is a small cylinder vacuum cleaner which is quite easy to store.


If you have a big house then a small cylinder vacuum will just not do the job properly because you have to keep on emptying it while you go.

So for this, you will need an upright vacuum that will just do its job in a good manner.


If you have stairs at your house then you will need a long pipe type vacuum and a light one that will make your cleaning very easy.

Moreover, you may also look for vacuum cleaners that are specifically just for stairs.

Long Hair Or Pet Hair

If you have people at your home having long hair or have pets then you might need a vacuum that is good at hair cleaning. Vacuum cleaners come with designed nozzles that do hair cleaning perfectly without the hair tangling.


HEPA FILTERS are made in vacuum cleaners in order to clean the air as you do the cleaning.

The air goes through this filter and captures the allergens inside on which the clean air goes outside.

Shark ION P50 Review | Best Lightweight Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter

Shark ion p50
Shark Ion p50

Honestly giving The Shark Ion P50 Review, it is a light-weight upright vacuum cleaner consisting of a HEPA filter. The Ion P50 vacuum cleaner has more modern features that attract the customers towards it. It can also be used as a stick vac that adds compatibility to it. The Shark Ion P50 is a cord-free vacuum that has a removable and rechargeable battery. This machine is quite hard to classify but that does not mean it can be bad. It also has many features that can say it is one of the best vacuum machines.

Quick Specs:

Type Upright
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for… Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features No
Approx. Weight 12 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration Yes
Power Cord Length Cordless
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 5 Years


The first thing we should know that there are two different P50 models that are manufactured by Shark, the 1C160 and the 1C162 (The one we are reviewing). Both the machines are the same but peripherals may differ.

Shark ION P50 1C160

  • Dusting brush
  • 8-inch crevice tool
  • ION power core charger
  • ION power core battery

Shark ION P50 1C162

  • Dusting brush
  • Dusting crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • ION power core charging cradle
  • ION power core battery
  • ION power core charger

Inside The Box

Shark Ion p50  inside the box
Inside The Box Shark ION p50
  • Shark ION P50 Powered Lift-Away
  • A start guide
  • Charger
  • Charging cradle
  • Dusting brush
  • A duster crevice tool
  • Lithium ION battery
  • Upholstery tool

It has mainly three tools that are compression fit, which means they can be put and pulled off.

  • Duster Brush
  • Duster Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool

We might say that the compression fit system is good but if it had a click-system it would have been even better to maintain it. Where you just have to apply a little amount of force or depress it to fix on and press the button to take it off.

Moreover discussing on Shark ION P50 Review it doesn’t have a motorized brushing tool. If it had one it would be very nice. The motorized brushing tool may help in dealing with the ground where dirt and hair on the carpet.

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Battery Type And Specs :

Shark ION P50 battery

ION P50 has a lithium battery followed by the specs:

  • 28.8 V
  • 83.52 Wh
  • 2900 mAH


As said above the battery of ION P50 is removable. If you have more than one battery you can take it out and charge the other while using the exiting. Knowing that the battery can be charged in the charging cradle as well as in the vacuum. This is an amazing feature as you do not have to always take the battery out of the vacuum cleaner.

Shark P50 battery

Moreover, three lights have been placed for the purpose of charging into the Shark P50 battery. These three lights indicate three different things :

  • One of the light indicates the charging that may be remaining in the vacuum cleaner.
  • The other indicates or show status while charging.
  • The third shows that the vacuum is fully charged.

Time Taken To Fully Charge: Time taken by the Shark ION P50 Battery to fully charge is about 3.5 hours which is a reasonable time.

Coming to the main fact that the Shark ION P50 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has four different ways of charging. This capability makes ION P50 into the competition.

Shark ION P50 Running Time

Talking on the main feature that is the running time of the Shark ION P50. It has about 50 minutes of running time which is much better than the other vacuum machines. This is for a specific configuration that is using the lift-away feature. While in other configurations the running time of ION P50 is quite low as per table:

According to our team tests, we found the following run time of the Shark Ion P50

Mode and Settings Ion-Power Ion-Boost
Upright and Powered Lift-Away (Bare Floor)30 min 32 sec20min & 20sec
Upright and Powered Lift-Away (Carpet) 28min 50sec20min & 19sec
Above-Floor and Lift-Away (Wand or Handle) 50min 13sec19min & 0 sec

Shark ION P50 Pros And Cons:

The pros and cons of the ION P50 based on the reviews of the customers and based on our own we have detected and found out that the following may be the pros and cons of this vacuum cleaner.

  • The lift-away feature of the machine is very handy
  • Duo clean technology is much better
  • Has a removable battery
  • Consists of cordless capabilities
  • Charged in four different ways
  • The canister of dust is large in size than other stick vacs
  • Great running time
  • Not much noise
  • Status lights are available
  • Very easy to move
  • Compression fit tools are added
  • Edge cleaning is not as good
  • Motorized brush tools are not available
  • The brush rolls cannot be turned off


DuoClean Technology is quite useful and many customers including my own self have liked it very much.

This technology basically consists of two brush rolls which are located at the cleaner head.

  1. One is present near the centre of the cleaner head that is bristled.
  2. While the other brush roll is present at that front of the cleaner head that is soft.

Testing and using this great feature over the past few years has now made us believe that this is what makes customers attract to this vacuum. The main idea of this is that the brush roller on the front tackles the dust easily while the soft one gets up the dust that is stuck on it which helps a lot on smooth surfaces. It has made carpet cleaning much easier and better without any effects made on the carpet.

Before this technology, the users were provided with different cleaner heads that they had to change for floors and for carpets. This was not as easier as swapping the cleaner heads around. Now DuoClean Technology has eliminated this need so it has advanced.

The con of this is that the brush rolls on the cleaner head cannot be turned off as they are automatic. So on cleaning carpets, the brush rolls move rapidly while on other floors they slow down.

Moreover, the Shark ION P50 has a narrow cleaner head and this may have advantages such as:

  1. This makes it easy to move
  2. Easier to get into narrow areas as compared to the larger cleaner head which cannot.


The lift-away feature is quite popular and simple that is why it is maintained in shark uprights as well as it works well.

The lift-away feature allows the machine to work as an upright and allows carrying the dust canister and motor assembly in a single hand while carrying the cleaner on the other hand. This allows you to do things very easily such as cleaning areas that are hard to reach in the home or even inside any vehicle. Moreover, the Shark ION P50 is cordless that helps a lot in cleaning those areas where there is no power outlet.

The ION P50 may become operational in the following ways:

  1. You can use it like an upright where the lift-away pod is attached to the vacuum
  2. Like A stick vacuum – holding the lift-away pod in one hand and the other sections become lightweight that is easy to carry.
  3. Like handheld – holding the pod with one and using the handle tool with the other.


The cleaning capability of the ION P50 is good as well as easy to handle. Every single thing you just can set up on your thumb because the keys are just accessible. This makes you control it, on one hand, isn’t this great? Personally I quite like this feature. The controls that you may handle are:

  • The Power ON/OFF Button
  • The setting of floors such as Carpets or a Bare Floor
  • Also the ION boost mode

The power modes are one of the attractive terms that the manufacturers come up with but the ION power is Low While the ION boost is High.

The thing we found unusual but interesting was about the ION boost mode. In order to turn it on you have to hold down the ION boost. This is a great way of not increasing it’s run time so that it can run much longer. The lift-away mode of the vacuum in some way automatically engages ION boost mode. First of all, we were not quite sure why they had added this but perhaps they might have thought that ION boost mode provides some extra suction which may be useful to the lift-away feature.

The two headlights also perform such a great work as the vacuum power is turned ON and as the brush rolls get into action they automatically turn on. The area in front of the vacuum is illuminated.

Cleaning Of Carpets:

Shark ion p50 reviews

We have tested the ION P50 in many ways on cleaning the carpet on different modes. This vacuum cleaner shows great energy as compared to the others as Shark NV752 True Pet. The NV752 is a corded upright vacuum cleaner that has no Duo Technology and consists of only one brush roll.

According to our test the pickup result of debris was:

Overall both are good but the ION P50 has an automated Duo Technology mode which ranks it better and advanced.

Cleaning Of Bare Floors

Shark Ion P50 Reviews
shark ion p50 cleaning bare floor

Now we did the test on bare floors and we came up of the final result that was:

Now here you can see clearly that the NV752 has only one mode which turns off while moving it to the bare floors. As compared to the Shark Ion P50 that has the Duo Clean system with its soft brush rolls which enables it to do its job easily.

Cleaning Of Pet Hair

Shark IOn p50 pet hair cleaning
Shark IOn p50 pet hair cleaning

Then we tested the cleaning of pet hair and ran ION P50 (ION power mode) and NV752 on some white dog hair.

We came up to the result that ION P50 managed the pickup very easily while the NV752 was quite aggressive during the pickup. As the NV752 is corded this makes it a bit harder on moving on carpets. ION P50 is cordless and you can see the result.

Cleaning Of Edges

We have tried this test out on every vacuum cleaner, some of them clean the edges with perfection and easily but some struggle to clean them up. We tested out ION P50 in comparison with the NV752 and found out that NV752 did its work perfectly while P50 struggled.


As per our review, ION P50 is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners with not much noise. It’s always a pleasure to use it even while having a conversation. We have also done many noise tests in different modes and came up with the result that it’s great and quite.

As also comparing it with other vacuum cleaners we found the ION P50 better.

Dust Canister

One of the things I hate is emptying the dust canister again and again. The thing I liked much in the Shark ION P50 is that it has a large dust canister that is 0.54 dry quartz while other vacuums don’t have such big dust canisters. Furthermore, the detachment of the canister from the vacuum is quite easy and that makes it to easily reattach also.

As the dust canister is located at the bottom, by pushing one button the debris falls out of the vacuum. The good point is that you don’t even have to put your hand inside it as the debris never gets stuck. We have seen and done this before with other bagless vacuums.


The Shark ION P50 consists of three filters:

2 pre-motor filters and 1 post-motor filter. The pre-motor filters are on the left side of the vacuum cleaner at the bottom. As you slide the slider and push it down, inside you can see the foam filter and inside the foam filter, there is a fabric filter. They are rinsable in water and also very easy to put back in. The HEPA filter is located in the area where the battery resides. This filter is also rinsable in water.

The pre-motor filters have to be cleaned at least once per month and the HEPA filter at least once per year. If you are often running the machine so you also have to clean it up more frequently. There is another point to note down here that there is no need to use soap over here. While taking the filters out for the first time it might be a little hard so, use a firm hand on it. While putting them back in it will make a clicking noise to fit back.

The filtration is at it’s best once it is provided with the seal system which makes it better. The Shark ION P50 contains both the HEPA filter and the sealed system. The way that seals system works and dominates is that it does not leak any air out of the machine through weak seals. Furthermore, the air, first of all, goes through these filters which makes it clean and this keeps air in your home clean.


The Shark ION P50 is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner which has about 12 pounds shipping weight and 12 lbs (without accessories). The dimensions of this vacuum are calculated as 10.2 x 12.4 x 44.8 inches. It is not that heavy at least you won’t feel like carrying some unnecessary weight around. Thanks to the lift-away technology that you don’t need to lift the whole machine. Many other vacuum cleaners are very heavy as compared to this one.


The movement of the Shark ION P50 is quite good as tested personally by us and reviews of customers. It works perfectly both on the carpet and on the floor as well. Moreover, the direction is just as easy to change by just twisting your wrist round by the swivel steering. While testing its movement we also found out that the machine goes forward easily as it needs a little pull while moving it back, but that doesn’t affect anything nor is it a problem.

As then we tested this machine on the carpet mode on a pile one in which we found a little resist on moving it forward but was smoothly moving back. The main fact here is that it even moves in a deep pile carpet while other vacuum cleaners just get stuck. Still, we cannot say it that it is perfect on a deep pile carpet, but the average will suit.

Easy To Store: Another great feature of this vacuum is that it is very easy to store as it has been designed to stand on its own. While other stick vacs have to be leaned against the wall in order to keep it stable enough.


The Shark ION P50 vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-year warranty for the vacuum cleaner. While A 2-year limited warranty for the lithium battery. I think that’s enough as I have seen in other cases.


The manual of Shark ION P50 consists of the basics and you will be able to find information on charging the battery, operating the vacuum, Accessories that are additional, maintenance as well as the warranty.


As per reviews by the users and my self-opinion, the Duoclean Technology has added much to this vacuum cleaner. We have to say that it is very quiet as a comparison to other vacuum cleaners. The nozzle of the floor is now motorized which makes it easy to move around. It is perfectly movable on all types of floors and this is a plus point.

On the cons there is a single battery pack included would be great if it had one on back up. Other cons include the weight of the battery pack which is a little heavy. Some accessories are sold out separately which may be pricey. But honestly saying that this product works great and investment on this will never go waste.

Our Score


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews Best For Pet Lovers| Bissell 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Review
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650a: Product Specifications

Bissell 1650A comes with so many features and specs such as;
It is a bagless vacuum
Lightweight and only weighs 18 pounds
Tangle-free brush roll
Smart seal allergen system keeps fine dust and allergens inside the bin
Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator prevents the odor from seeping out the exhaust
The LED-equipped crevice tool will help you track down pet hair on upholstery or stairs
Swivel steering
Cyclonic spooling system for pet hair
30-foot power cord
5 amp motor
8-foot hose
12” cleaning path with an edge to edge cleaning technology
5 year limited warranty

Some Pros and Cons Of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

  • It comes with a five year limited warranty
  • It can clean both hard surfaces and carpets
  • ​The vacuum head is ultra-maneuverable
  • ​It has special tools for picking up pet hair from upholstery
  • ​It doesn’t tangle on long hair from cats or dogs
  • It struggles with finer debris types
  • It is a little heavy
[table “7” not found /]

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Review

In this article we will be giving review of Bissell pet hair eraser 1650A vacuum cleaner. I love dogs; they keep me fresh and happy. I have two very long-haired and beautiful breeds, a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever.

But they also produce a lot of hair than you could imagine. 

It doesn’t matter how thoroughly I clean and vacuum, as soon I finished, and turn around; I find pet hair like tumbleweeds rolling behind me. 

Cleaning up after pets is a daily-routine, but cleaning up their hair and fur is a difficult task. 

The fur sticks and gets everywhere, and makes life a bit fuzzy. 

I’m well-acquainted when it comes to cleaning by the vacuum cleaner. I discovered how unequipped and so-called vacuums making your life more Herculean when it comes to cleaning your pet fur.

That’s why you need to choose a vacuum that can tackle all pet hair thoroughly, and you can use it regularly without having to pull your floor carpet out of the closet.

But, thanks to Bissell pet hair eraser that save my life.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A is the best vacuum cleaner available in the market that comes with so many amazing features. But before a Bissell pet hair eraser review, let’s find out what essential things you need to consider before buying a pet hair vacuum cleaner?

Things to remember before buying your favorite pet hair eraser vacuum    

  • Most often, it would be best if you had a powerful vacuum to clean pet hair. But trust me, power alone isn’t enough when you are trying to clean the fun our of sofa and carpet.
  • Usually have carpeted room and all we need a lightweight vacuum cleaner with versatility. Maneuverability also considers one of the main factors when it comes to free-moving and cleaning underneath your furniture and corners.
  • You might be wondering why Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner in the market. 
  • Well, you must go for more powerful, easy to moveable and handle, must be equipped with fantastic pet hair functions, like, an advanced system which traps allergens and non-tangling brush heads. 
  • If you have pets at your home, you need a quality vacuum cleaner, which designed mainly for thoroughly cleaning pet hair and keep your home clean. 

Although there are so many vacuum cleaners available in the market, our top pick is Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A upright vacuum with a Tangle-free brushroll. It has an ideal combination of maneuverability, cleaning power, and so many amazing features that work best with pet hair.

If you still confuse and didn’t make your mind about the best vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair, then continue reading this post. 

We are educating you by a complete Bissell pet hair eraser review which for sure will make you fall in love with this Bissell pet hair remover.

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Tangle Free Brushroll

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is compact and lightweight, perfect for cleaning the fur of a pet. 

It is very hard sometime to remove pet hair from pet beds, and furniture with an ordinary cleaning vacuum. 

That’s why I prefer to go with Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A vacuum cleaner which offers an ultimate and convenient solution. 

This lightweight and compact vacuum only weigh 18 pounds, and its beautiful design makes pet hair cleaning very simple.

Main Features :

There are lots of amazing features that make this vacuum cleaner so popular. Besides its standard features that come in most vacuums, Bissell 1650A has some extra capabilities, such as;

1- Tangle-free brushroll

 Tangle-free brushroll
Tangle-free brushroll

It is a very daunting task to find a vacuum that comes with a tangle-free brushroll and doesn’t let the pet hair wrapped.

We all hat to have a pair of scissors to cut off the strands of hair on a brushroll and pull the hair off by your hand and throw it into the trash. 

It seems to be a bit messy.

But good news, thanks to the Bissell pet hair eraser that comes with tangle-free brushroll. Now you don’ need any intervention to clean the mess up, trust the Bissell 1650A, it will not let you down. 

This vacuum prevents hair from getting wrapped around the brushroll.

2- Filtration 

Indoor air quality is an essential part of any vacuum cleaner when it comes to wholesome cleaning.

You will be assured only with a vacuum cleaner that comes with a sound filtration system that no pollutants are circulating back. The Bissell 1650A has a built-in Smart Seal Allergen system, which makes sure to keep indoor air quality pure.

This advanced filtration system guarantees that most allergens, including dust and pollen, are kept at bay. 

However, this vacuum cleaner is not HEPA standard; HEPA filters are most superior in the market when it comes to trapping particle that causes diseases inside in the vacuum. 

Furthermore, it features the “Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator” filter, helps to keep your carpet, floor very fresh after cleaning.

3- Cyclonic spooling system

It is another fantastic feature that helps in cleaning both human and pet hair. This unique feature also helps to separate hair from other debris, and dirt which makes it very easy to empty. 

Also, instead of using hand to pull out pet hair, hold a canister over the bin and shake or tap this canister smoothly to empty in the trash.

4- Multi-surface cleaning

It is highly recommended that you buy a vacuum cleaner which can clean almost everything, except you have only one type of flooring in your house. 

Most of us have a mix of carpet, bare floor and area rug in our homes, so if you get a vacuum which can clean all of them, it would be very incredible. 

Thanks to Bissell 1650A that can clean almost everything. 

As it comes with a 5-level height adjustment, now you can use it on both high and low pile carpets, floors without any issue. 

The transition from floor to the carpet works excellent because its brushroll can be switched off or on. And its swivel steering helps to avoid barriers such as couches and tables. 

Also, it’s suction channel technology increase the strength of picking-up up debris, dirt, and pet hair. Unlike other vacuums that have only suction at one end, the vacuum cleaner comes with edge-to-edge suction.

5- Attachments

This vacuum comes with an array of tools that help the above-floor cleaning, such as crevice tool, quick-release wand, pet Turbo eraser tool, and pet hairbrush.  

The good thing, this crevice tool comes with LED light and gives you more confidence to clean the pet hair.

Is Bissell pet hair eraser 1650a good for me?

Yes, trust me, this is the best and sexiest beast you need to get rid of pet hair instead of your dogs or cat. 

Besides all features, what makes this Bissell pet hair vacuum cleaner is its minimal design and simplicity. 

It is super easy to assemble the vacuum; you don’t need any kind of weird tools for assembling this vacuum. 

It is the most durable vacuum cleaner I ever have seen, comes with five years limited warranty. 

With its lightweight of only 18 pounds, available at a very reasonable price in the market. 

One of the impressive things in this Bissell 1650A is, thoroughly picking up the pet hair and its advanced way of segregating the dirt/hair inside the vacuum cleaner, making sure that this vacuum won’t clog or tangle. 

It is also best for those, who have asthma, the advanced filtration system within the rigid seal’s guarantees that dust, dirt and other tiny asthma triggers adequately contained.

iRobot Roomba 620 reviews| Is It Worth Buying?

iRobot Roomba 620 Review
iRobot Roomba 620

Vacuuming is an important part of housekeeping. Fortunately, we live in a place where we don’t have to hold a hand-held vacuum cleaner to complete our work. Now we have a robotic vacuum cleaner that can fully automate the vacuuming process. One of them is the iRobot Roomba 620, a powerful and affordable smart floor cleaner.

Roomba created the 600 series with a budget-friendly intent. Most products in the 600 series are aimed at consumers with tight budgets, novices in the home automation cleaning market, or consumers who want a second (or third) robot as their home. 

Roomba 620 is one of the smallest series. You can find expensive Roomba vacuum cleaners and still do a good job cleaning. Although many features have been removed to save money, the 620 still has enough space under the hood to keep the floor clean.

Pros And Cons Of iRobot Roomba 620

  • Has dirt detection technology that excels in cleaning excess dirty areas
  • Side brush can effectively clean the area near the wall
  • Effectively clean pet hair and dander
  • Integrated with four types of cliff sensors
  • Short charging time
  • Cleaning time up to 60 minutes
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Virtual Wall System
  • Tiny wires may get stuck in the side brush
  • Lack of built-in barrier function to prevent cleaning of certain areas or rooms
  • Lack of scheduling function
  • Weak AI
  • No Remote Control

Key Features

  • The iRobot Roomba 620 vacuum pump is a 33-watt machine weighing about 11 pounds. To obtain a smaller vacuum, it has powerful features that make it an effective automated cleaning tool. Here are some of its main features.
  •  Dirt detection function allows Roomba 620 to focus on dirty areas. The technology is enabled by acoustic sensors that ensure that certain areas with pet hair, dust and dirt are spotless.
  •  AeroVac technology effectively removes hair and other debris left in the brush. This is a smart innovation that helps you save time cleaning your brushes because you don’t need to clean your brushes yourself.
  •  iAdapt responsive cleaning feature uses scanning technology and multiple features to provide a thorough cleaning. This function is responsible for cleaning the edges of the wall, which means it understands the environment. For example, Roomba 620 can detect sudden drops and blockages and prevent them from leaving.
  • Although the Roomba 620’s system has no built-in obstacles that prevent it from entering certain areas, it is compatible with Virtual Wall. This is a Roomba accessory that users can install to order the robot to enter the room.
  • The Roomba 620 has a smaller docking station that you can place anywhere. When not in use or running low, the gadget will automatically return to the workstation.
  • Strong suction power allows Roomba 620 to be thoroughly cleaned, and its performance is better than its 500 series models. It also prevents the device from blindly crossing certain areas.

Descriptive Chart:iRobot Roomba 620

Before the review, I would like to provide a detailed chart showing the main features and benefits of Roomba 620 in an ideal way. Using this simple chart, buyers can more easily determine if Roomba 620 meets their needs or not.

HEPA Filters No
Full Bin Indicator     No
Smart Cleaning   Yes
Energy Usage Reports   No
Cleaning Style Random
Modes      None
Sensing Qualities   Low
Mobile App    No
Noise Average
Battery Life   Good
Dimensions of the Produc  17.99 x 17.01 x 5 Inches
Problems  No Scheduling & Weak AI
Unique Feature   Dirt Detection
Warranty  12 Months
iRobot Roomba 620 Product Description Chart
Vacuum CleanerManufacturerPrice
Hoover Whirlwind Upright Bagless Vacuum Hoover Check Price
Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Check Price
Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Jajibot Check Price
Hoover Enigma TE70 Hoover Check Price
AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner AmazonBasics Check Price
Duronic – Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Duronic Check Price
Henry HVR 160-11 -Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Henry Check Price
VYTRONIX 22.2v-Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Vytronix Check Price
Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder Vax Check Price

More Advanced Options

 When you decide to equip your house with a robot cleaner, it’s best to first understand the interior spaces and how they work. In this section, I will detail the important features of the Roomba 620 so you don’t have to take them apart when you put them home.

1.    Setup Process

 Setting up the Roomba 620 takes only 5 minutes without any professional training or assistance. To activate the robotic vacuum cleaner, just press one or two buttons and you can start cleaning. I will not write a step-by-step guide because it will waste your time. The package of the iRobot Roomba 620 includes a user manual that perfectly illustrates the setup process. If you still don’t know what to do, you can contact the support team through the iRobot website. They are great! If you want more information, I will link to the User Guide uploaded by iRobot. This guide is for owners of the 600 series, such as Roomba 614, Roomba 620, and 650.

2.    Design

iRobot Roomba 620
iRobot Roomba 620

Today, buying just useful gadgets is not enough. This is essential for the products we plan to buy look attractive and shiny. Every buyer who wants to own smart home is looking for gadgets that can improve the look of their home.

So it’s important to make our robotic vacuum cleaner look good. Otherwise, no one would be interested. Traditionally, iRobot produces dark robotic vacuum cleaners, but the Roomba 620 with its minimalist black and white design is an exception.

In addition to attractive visuals, knowing the size of a robotic vacuum cleaner is also important because it plays a vital role in cleaning the house. The Roomba 620 measures 17 x 18 x 5 inches and weighs 7.9 pounds. These sizes are good enough to make the Roomba 620 perfectly suitable for TV cabinets, beds, and furniture.

It’s also useful to know what the Roomba 620’s packaging is, so here’s what you’ll find:

  • 1x iRobot Roomba 620
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x Docking Station
  • 1x AC Adapter

3.    Performance

iRobot roomba 620

This part of the review is important because we need to understand the performance of the Roomba 620. If the performance of a smart floor cleaner cannot reach acceptable levels, then there is no need to put unqualified equipment in the home. Therefore, we need to know if Roomba 620 can provide satisfactory results.

Roomba 620 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is randomly cleaned. In other words, Roomba 620 knows little about its surroundings. Therefore, Roomba 620 cannot determine which spots need additional cleaning.

Compared to the Roomba 500 series, the Roomba 650 has enhanced cleaning capabilities, increased power, longer battery life, and an improved navigation system.

My satisfaction with the Roomba 620 is 3-phase cleaning, which makes the robotic vacuum cleaner equally suitable for the use of tiles, carpets, carpets, pieces, and hardwoods. Another cool feature of the Roomba 620 is the detection of dust.

Indeed, the Roomba 620 is a robot cleaner that is randomly cleaned, and it is impossible to determine which spots need additional or less cleaning. To this end, iRobot has introduced a new feature called “Dirt Detection” that helps smart floor cleaners focus on dirtier places.

This is a great feature because it helps smart floor cleaners save energy and reduces the focus on relatively clean places.

4. Features

Irobot roomba 630 review
Roomba 620

Another important topic to discuss is the features of the Roomba 620, so we can understand the uniqueness of this robotic vacuum cleaner. Therefore, we created a detailed chart that lists the key features of the Roomba 620:

  • Three-step cleaning system
  • Automatic docking station and charging
  • Virtual Wall Technology
  • Dirt detection
  • iAdapt’s Responsive Cleaning
  • Automatically adjust the floor

 5.    Cleaning Capabilities

iRobot Roomba 620
iRobot Roomba 620 Review

 Understanding the cleaning capabilities of robotic vacuum cleaners is another important topic we must discuss. The main reason people buy smart gadgets is their ability. In this case, it is important to know how clean the Roomba 620 is. If Roomba 620 fails to meet the buyer’s minimum standards, we should start looking for alternatives.

Generally, Roomba 620 has zero failures in detecting walls, stairs, and large objects. We noticed that the Roomba 620 usually had difficulty seeing the legs of the chair and table. Therefore, in some cases, the 620 models will hit these obstacles and may get stuck between them.

6.    Dust Bin

The trash can on this Roomba model is larger than other trash cans, which means you can empty it. If you have a big house or pet, then this will be a popular choice. This product has a long batting life, but it is still recommended that you purchase a second one for backup. You never know when you need it.

7.    The Filters Are Small but Mighty

Filtration will always be the crux of vacuum sales. Filtering the air returned to the room is vital to the overall health of the entire family. Especially if you are allergic to indoor pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, and even dust mites.

Therefore, iRobot uses what they call AeroVac standard filtering technology. Roomba also uses high-efficiency filters but was not found on the 620. The standard filter is a decent filter that performs two basic tasks: protects the motor from contamination and captures particles that return to the air and behind the floor Machine.

Both have done well. Unlike some vertical models, there are no front and front filters. You will get a filter that fits inside the machine and can be used by clearing the trash can. The filters do protect the motor well, keeping the entire area free of dust and debris.

However, the filter is small, which means it fills up quickly. The Roomba user manual will advise you to change the filter every three months. However, you should check it every two or three cleaning cycles. Most users report that filters need to be changed every six to eight weeks.

8.    The Battery

Other robots in the 600 series use smaller batteries and have shorter runtimes. For example, the 650 and 652 run for about an hour, using 2200mAh and 2600mAh batteries, respectively.

On the other hand, the Roomba 620 can run for up to 90 minutes. The battery installed in the 620 is often mistaken for a high-output 3500mAh battery. This confusion occurs because you can buy replacement batteries from the iRobot website.

The 620 built-in 3300mAh battery can provide you with convenience. The difference is not big, but you need to be careful. In addition to the above-average battery capacity and an additional half-hour run time, you also get the benefits of a robot with a larger battery.

Since the 620 removes most of the energy-intensive functions such as wireless communications, the battery and the power it provides can be focused more on sensors, navigation, motor control, and leveling of the bin.

9. Controlling of Roomba 620

With Roomba 620, you won’t have a lot of extra stuff. One of the missing extra features in the form of control. You will have local controls and nothing more. There is no wireless receiver in Roomba, and voice commands or mobile applications cannot be used. The device also does not come with remote control.

10. Support

When people buy a new product, they sometimes try their best to solve the problem. When they can’t find the answer and the user manual doesn’t help, the only option left is to contact the support team.

Fortunately, iRobot has one of the best support teams. You can contact them via email, live chat, and phone. You can find all the contact information on their website. I have spoken with them several times and always receive professional answers and tips.

11. Warranty

Roomba 620 has a one-year limited warranty, except for the battery. Please make sure to contact iRobot support immediately if a problem occurs. Do not wait for one year to obtain your warranty. At the same time, replacement guarantees and refunds are up to the retailer.

Does Roomba 620 have WiFi?

Unfortunately, iRobot Roomba 620 doesn’t have WiFi.

Does it clean rugs and carpets well?

Yes… it’s awesome just make sure you take it apart and clean every 2 months… the brushes will get tangled with hair and other things

can you schedule this robot to his job when you are not at home the same as the expensive models?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot schedule this robot.The iRobot Roomba 620 does not have the scheduling buttons nor WiFi internet access.

How do you empty the lint box?

It has a small drawer on the outside which opens easily.


As you can see from the table above, the Roomba 620 is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner with powerful features, cleaning capabilities and durability. My satisfaction with the Roomba 620 is that it never fails.

Only in a few cases did the Roomba 620 fails to find its docking station, and the actual cleaning process was satisfactory. It did leave some spots, but not much to watch.

Ideally, the Roomba 620 will have scheduling features and remote control to give owners more freedom and flexibility, but you can still do well without them.

Roomba 620 is one of iRobot’s most beautiful works. It is unique, beautifully designed, powerful, practical and practical. Roomba 620 is the best-selling product on Amazon and currently has thousands of satisfied customers.

bObsweep vs Roomba – The Killer Comparison


Robotic vacuum cleaners entered the market about two decades ago. At first, they were a great idea and lived up to the hype. Overall, they do not perform well in cleaning and cause more headaches than anything else. Since then, the technology behind them has improved dramatically.

Did you know that at this time, 20% of the vacuum cleaners in the house are robotic vacuum cleaners? That’s a big part of the population that embraces this new and effective technology.

bObsweep and Roomba are two of the most famous robot vacuum cleaners, so you’ve obviously heard that both of them have fallen into this article.

Differences between Bobsweep PetHair and Roomba 690

bObsweep advantages:

bObsweep PetHair will continue to clean after charging, while Roomba 690 will not.
Roomba 690 is not as UV-sterilizing as bObsweep PetHair.
bobSweep can be wiped while cleaning, while Roomba cannot be wiped
The filters on bObsweep are HEPA certified, while Roomba does not.
The sweeper has a larger dust box.
bObsweep advantages

Roomba advantages:

Roomba 690 has a virtual wall barrier, so frequency sweeping cannot be limited.
Roomba is connected to WiFi but bObsweep is not turned on.
With Amazon Alexa, you can control Roomba by voice. Sweep cannot.
bObsweep has a remote control, and Roomba relies on this remote control mobile app.
The battery in the Roomba 690 will last up to 20 minutes longer than the battery in the scanner.
Roomba advantages

Similarities between these Robot Vacuums

When you are in the same industry, you must have something in common. This is shared by these two vacuums:

  1. Size and weight are almost the same.
  2. Both devices are suitable for cleaning all floor types.
  3. Each vacuum cleaner has a side brush for edge cleaning.
  4. Both Roomba and bObsweep have multiple sensors to avoid collisions, falling and detecting dirt.
  5. You can create, edit and delete schedules on both computers.
  6. They are all equipped with lithium-ion batteries for faster charging and longer life.
  7. Neither vacuum robot has a camera.
  8. Both bObsweep and Roomba will map your house for easy cleaning.
  9. Each vacuum cleaner uses a hard-bristled brush rod for suction.
  10. No matter which model you buy, you will get a one-year warranty.
  11. Like Roomba, bObsweep cleans in a sporadic, ridiculous way.

The Roomba 900 Series

  • Roomba 900 series has higher-tech features than bObsweep.
  • Roombas are usually more expensive
  • Roombas has better support and lower maintenance costs
  • Roomba has a virtual wall
  • Roomba can be controlled with your voice through Alexa or Google homepage
  • Roomba 900 series has longer battery life (up to 20 minutes)

The bObsweep Series

  • The average cost of a swept vacuum cleaner is often lower than Roombas
  • Entry-level cleaners will resume cleaning after charging, while Roombas will not
  • All models of HEPA filters, Roomba has them only in selected groups
  • Larger bin
  • Some models can mop and vacuum, while Roomba can only perform one or more tasks on one machine.

Roomba Vs bObsweep Comparison Chart

  Bobsweep Pethair Roomba 690
Dimensions 13.3×13.3×3.9 inches 13x13x3.6 inches
Weight 7.7 pounds 7.8 pounds
Mop Ability Yes No
Floor Types All All
Filtration HEPA AeroVac
Side Brushes Yes Yes
UV Sterilization Yes No
Dustbin Size 1 liter 0.6 liter
Drop Sensors Yes Yes
Bump Sensors Yes Yes
Dirt Detection Sensors Yes Yes
Containment None Virtual Wall Barriers
Remote Control Yes No
Voice Control No Yes
WiFi Connection No Yes
Mobile App No Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Auto-recharge Yes Yes
Entire Level Cleaning Yes No
Adjustable Speed Yes No
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Run Time Up to 40 minutes Up to 60 minutes
Color Options 2 1
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Camera Navigation No No
Cleaning Pattern Sporadic Sporadic
Extraction Method Brushbars Brushbars
iRobot roomba 620 reviewiRobot Roomba 620 Check Price

bObsweep Review

bOBsweep PetHai review
bOBsweep PetHair

bOBsweep PetHair is an affordable vacuum cleaner that is a bit larger than similar products, but with a 1000 mL trash can capacity and a large 3 x 5 inch LED screen for setup and troubleshooting.

Multiple cleaning modes and remote controls make the robot a true vacuum cleaner.

1. Bobsweep PetHair Robot

bOBsweep PetHai

The Bobsweep PetHair robot vacuum cleaner is a good choice for those who need a robot vacuum cleaner capable of handling pet hair. On the downside, batteries tend to run out quickly, which means they must be charged more frequently during use. This cordless vacuum cleaner, also known as a sweeper or sweeper, can hold one of the largest dustbins. It can be seen from the reviews of many customers that it is a better option for cleaning pet hair compared to competitors.

It is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners and mops that works efficiently on carpets, tiles and hardwoods. With its 7500 RPM TurboLift motor, it can absorb larger debris without problems.

bObsweep Pethair Pros and Cons.

  • The product has a high dust bin capacity that can store up to 1000 ml of dirt. Maintenance will be easier and can run longer.
  • Comes with an exhaustive manual that clearly explains how to set cleaning schedules and control procedures.
  • Unlike most competitors, bObsweep comes with remote control. Easy to control and doesn’t require much care.
  • Large bins-the larger the bin, the more you can pick up without emptying the bin. bObsweep can hold up to 100 mL of debris, making it one of the largest robotic vacuum cleaners on the market.
  • Remote Control-Since bObsweep is not connected to wifi, you can definitely use remote control. You can easily control the vacuum without standing up and pressing the button on the top to schedule cleaning tasks, change settings, and more.
  • Due to the large capacity, the product is expected to be slightly larger than the usual design. Most critics from many bobsweep reviews seem to agree.
  • Complex user interface-not always better, at least if you ask me. Although some people might like all the options you have on bObsweep, it’s a bit more for me. This takes some time to get used to, and may be simpler and accomplish the same thing.
  • Bulky-Modern robot vacuum standards consider the actual size of bbbsweep to be too large. You may have trouble under low furniture or when entering narrow areas

Roomba Review

Roomba Review
iRobot Roomba

Compared to Roomba 890 or 900 series vacuum cleaners, Roomba 690 is an older model, but at a fraction of the price, it provides good cleaning. It has wifi connectivity and includes a virtual wall to enhance navigation. With your smartphone, you can also schedule cleaning cycles in advance.

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2. iRobot Roomba 690 Review

irobot Roomba 690
iRobot Roomba 690

Roomba 690 is one of the top robotic vacuum cleaners to provide efficient cleaning systems. It’s been 6 years since its release, and reviews still rank it as one of the best. Thanks to its AeroForce Level 3 cleaning system and spacious room navigation.

Contrary to popular belief, this robot is actually good at cleaning pet hair. It may not be the best, but it is powerful and even has a tangle-free extractor that helps prevent clogging. Of course, the black finish is also perfect for most room designs.

iRobot Roomba 690 Pros And Cons

  • The product is designed using iAdapt navigation system. This allows it to roam spacious rooms that other brands have failed to achieve.
  • With the push of a button, the robotic device automatically docks and recharges for easy cleaning planning.
  • The product is equipped with an automatic floor adjustment system to improve the efficiency of cleaning all types of floors. This includes carpets, hardwoods, tiles, laminates and more.
  • There is Wifi-this is a huge advantage. With a wifi connection, you can turn on multiple functions. With a robotic vacuum cleaner connected to wifi, you can control everything you need within the app. With the Roomba 900 series, you can also view floor plans, schedule cleaning cycles, check machine statistics and much more.
  • Anti-Tangle Brush-For ease of maintenance, the anti-tangle brush has a long way to go. The Roomba 900 series uses a rubber roller instead of a traditional brush, which greatly reduces stuck hair.
  • Includes a virtual wall-The virtual wall helps keep your robot in a vacuum. You can use a virtual wall to block areas you want Roomba to avoid, or you can close specific areas where you want the robot to focus more.
  • More expensive-the Roomba 900 series is great, but the price tag can sometimes make a lot of people swallow a lot. There are lower priced models, such as 880 or 650, but you don’t get all the great features that a 900 series vacuum cleaner must have.
  • The cleaning cycle takes longer-there is no doubt that Roomba cleans very well, but is generally slower than a broom. Unless you have a big house, this is not a big deal. Because Roomba requires longer cleaning times, it may not be able to meet all requirements on a single charge.
  • Some customer reviews and review sites have stated their disappointments with the product’s price. It’s not entirely expensive, but not cheap either.

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Roomba 690 vs. bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Comparison Review

Usually, these aspects are definitely considered when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. In the main part of our iRobot and bObsweep reviews, we have everything important-from design to cleaning performance and convenience.

For each aspect we discuss, we will detail the products of each brand and the winners of each segment.


Roomba 690

Although they are both circular, bObsweep and iRobot are completely different in size and colour. This is how the two compare.

The iRobot 690 is only available in one finish. Black and silver decoration.

The diameter is 13.4 inches and is 3.6 inches. To start a new cycle, simply click on “Clean” in the center of the vacuum cleaner and Roomba will open for business. The front bumper of the vacuum cleaner helps protect the vacuum cleaner and your furniture as it navigates the space.

In terms of weight, the iRobot 690 is only 7.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest iRobot vacuum cleaners.

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

As for bObsweep, there are five colors to choose from: cobalt, rouge, champagne, midnight and charcoal.

In terms of size, the diameter is slightly larger, with a diameter of 13.8 inches and 3.9 inches.

At least as light as a 7.7 pound Roomba. The circular body of the vacuum cleaner can easily achieve 360-degree rotation, but it does make the corners more challenging. The bumpers on the front of the device help protect the vacuum and your furniture while cleaning, and the large LED screen displays information such as cycle settings, regular cleaning and battery life.

Cleaning Performance

This is the most critical part of this comparative review. We will compare features that determine cleaning performance and share cleaning results from our exclusive tests.

Roomba 690

  • The cleaner picked up all the dirt without any problems, leaving only small flour particles.
  • We moved to a low-rug rug, where the cleaners managed to pick up all the large dirt particles. Rice, sugar, cat litter and oatmeal. However, flour is a problem because fine particles are hidden in the carpet pile.
  • On a high-pile carpet, the 690 is overwhelmed and can only handle large dust particles, leaving only most of the sugar, flour and rice.
  • Roomba 690 uses traditional suction, agitating roller brushes and rotating side brushes to clean edges and corners.
  • Drop detection and dirt detection help Roomba learn more about the space to better clean it.
  • First, the Roomba 690 offers a 2-in-1 cleaning feature, which means it can sweep and vacuum.
  • The company makes vacuum cleaners the best choice for hardwood floors, carpets and pet hair.

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

  • bObsweep uses a combination of roller brushes, side rotating brushes (for corners) and suction to clean.
  • Pet Hair Plus also excels on bare floors. It sucks all the flour, rice, sugar, cat litter and pet hair we have on the road and is completely free of flour noodles like iRobot.
  • The vacuum also performed very well on low-pile carpets, leaving only a few flour pieces.
  • The real test was a high-pile rug, where a lot of flour and sugar remained.
  • Rotary brushes help push dirt from corners or along edges into the cleaning path of bOBsweep, while roller brushes pull debris into the bin.
  • This vacuum cleaner also comes with an “eye mask” sticker for cleaning dark floors or carpets. These are used to cover the four edge sensors on the underside of the vacuum, which is necessary for bObsweep to properly clean them.
  • On the other hand, Pet Hair Plus offers a 5-in-1 cleaning function that can sweep and vacuum-like iRobot.
  • Most importantly, it will wipe the floor and UV disinfect it.
  • bObsweep is used for hard floor cleaning, carpets and pet hair.

Accessories & Parts


bObsweep PetHair comes with the following parts and accessories:

  • Brushes: The combination of a roller brush and a rotating side brush facilitates thorough cleaning.
  • Charging station: Schedule cleaning with a charging station. At 15% power, the robot will return and recharge itself.
  • Wiping cloth: This microfiber cloth can be wet or dry.
  • Remote control: You can start/pause a cycle with remote control up to 10 m, manual direction or select a specific cleaning cycle.
  • Cleaning tools: Cleaning tools are used for regular maintenance to limit the accumulation of dust around brushes or gaps in the vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 690

Roomba 690 comes with the following parts and accessories:

  • Virtual Wall Barrier: This barrier emits infrared light, preventing Roomba from entering rooms that should not be entered.
  • Charging station: When Roomba’s battery is below 15%, it will automatically return to the charging station.
  • HEPA filters: HEPA filters help trap fine particles and allergens.
  • Cleaning tool: This tool is used for routine maintenance as well as cleaning brushes and small parts.

Although not shown, the Roomba 690 does include a bristle-type rolling brush and a side rotating brush like the bObsweep model.

Also, there is no remote control, but the Roomba 690 has wifi connectivity, so your smartphone will have features similar to the bObsweep remote control.

The only comparable accessory not included in Roomba is the mop.

Suction Power & Battery

Roomba 690

The iRobot 690 is equipped with an old first-generation motor with an average power of 550Pa. This is a fairly low output, which is why it is not recommended for carpets.

Roomba 690’s battery is 3,000 mAh, which is about 27% stronger than bObsweep PetHair vacuum battery. Roomba takes about 2 hours to charge and can run for up to 60 minutes.

Battery Details

Size  1,800 mAh
Charging Time 2-3 hours
Run Time 90 minutes
Roomba 690 Battery Details

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

When it comes to bObsweep, we have an upgraded motor that generates four times as much vacuum power as the predecessor bObsweep Pet Hair Plus.

The bObsweep battery is 2,200 mAh and takes about 6 hours to charge. After being fully charged, the running time of the robot vacuum cleaner is 55-90 minutes depending on the actual environment.

Battery Details

Size  2,200 mAh
Charging Time   6 hours
Run Time  55-90 minutes
bObsweep Battery Details

Brush System

Roomba 690

Roomba 690 comes with the trademark dual multi-surface hard bristle brush.

One is used to agitate the dust and the other is used to pick up the dust.

On the side, we have only one side sweeping brush.

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus also comes with the main brush and an auxiliary brush.

The main brush is a single spiral bristle brush.

As a supplement, there is a side-scan brush similar to Roomba.

Filtration System & Dirt detection

Vacuum filters are important. Especially for those with allergies. HEPA filtration is a certification for filters that effectively capture particles below 3 microns. This reduces the number of allergens in the air and on the floor by up to 99%.

bObsweep PetHair uses HEPA certified filters. With these filters, you can reduce allergens, pet dander and other triggers that are tracked into the air in your home every day.

Roomba 690 does not use HEPA certified filters. IRobot does own them and uses them in many newer models. However, 690 is not on the list. In its place is the AeroVac filter called by iRobot. You should understand that “AreoVac” is just a term the company created for its tertiary cleaning system. AreoVac filters will capture particles smaller than 10 microns in size. Although not enough to reduce allergens to 99%, they capture most of the particles that do cause allergies. Pet dander and most seasonal pollen are larger than 10 microns.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can also help filter the air in your house by capturing elements that cause bad smells and allergens that cause symptoms such as sneezing and wheezing.

iRobot Roomba 690

Roomba 690 has an old Aerovac filter system that incorporates HEPA style filters.

Even though they can effectively capture all allergens, it can filter to 10 microns, which means that tiny particles remain in the atmosphere.

Roomba 690 features the “Foul Detection” Series I, which uses acoustic sensors to find dirt. Once such an area is found, the vacuum will go there and automatically switch to the “spot” mode, in which it will clean in a circular mode until all dirt is removed.

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

On the other hand, bObsweep is designed to have HEPA filtering.

It filters out 99.97% of allergens and filters to 3 microns.

Unfortunately for bObsweep, we have not seen DIRT detection feature yet.


Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to make our lives easier. You need to consider features such as smart connection, remote control and display.

All these features make robotic vacuum cleaners more convenient than traditional vacuum cleaners such as calexaans, columns, sticks and hand-held vacuum cleaners.

Roomba 690

  • Roomba is 690s old and supports 2.4 GHz WI-Fi for remote operation.
  • No matter where you are, you can control the vacuum cleaner through the Smartphone app.
  • The robot also supports another integration compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner also has a 7-day schedule feature, so you can program it to clean at specific times of the week.
  • There is no physical remote control available for this cleaner.

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

On the other hand, bObsweep is equipped with a large LCD display, which makes operation easy, but a bit complicated. Rather than displaying error codes numerically, displays now troubleshoot errors in words. You no longer need to rush to answer common questions to diagnose errors as you do with Roombas.

  • Unlike iRobot, which has only a single auto-clear button, we have several buttons.
  • There is also a remote control from 13 feet high.
  • Also provides 7-day programming capabilities.
  • So far, bObsweep does not have any smart features, so there is no way to choose between mobile app operation and Alexa.

Batteries, Charging and Draining

Owning a lithium-ion battery is an improvement over older nickel-metal hydride types. They charge faster, hold a charge longer, and have more charge cycles before they eventually stop holding charge.

Both vacuums will be fully charged from a completely dead battery in about four hours. However, battery consumption varies greatly. Even under optimal conditions, the bObsweep PetHair battery will last 40 minutes. Under optimal conditions, this is 20 minutes shorter than the Roomba 690.


Vacuum filters are important. Especially for those who are allergic. HEPA filtration is a certification for filters that effectively capture particles below 3 microns. This reduces the number of allergens in the air and on the floor by up to 99%.

bObsweep PetHair uses HEPA certified filters. With these filters, you can reduce allergens, dandruff and other triggers that are tracked into the air at home every day.

Roomba 690 does not use HEPA certified filters. IRobot does own them and uses them in many newer models. However,iRobot 690 is not on the list. Replaced by the AeroVac filter called by iRobot. You should know that “AreoVac” is just a term the company created for its three-time cleaning system. AreoVac filters will capture particles smaller than 10 microns in size. Although not enough to reduce allergens to 99%, they capture most of the particles that do cause allergies. Pet dander and most seasonal pollen are larger than 10 microns.

 Remote Control, Mobile App and Voice Activation

There are several ways to control a robotic vacuum cleaner. The controls and functions of the two machines are similar. Both of them have direct access buttons on their top frame for control.

These are very limited. You can start, pause, stop and force dock, which is what Roomba does. bObsweep has a liquid crystal display and the device itself has more button controls.

You can choose a cleaning mode, speed up UV sterilization, a program to create a schedule, and of course, start cleaning.

Roomba 690 uses WiFi connectivity and mobile applications to implement these additional features and modes. The app is free to download to any Android or iOS device. Using the application, you can set schedules, start, pause, resume and cancel cleaning, name robots and force docking of devices.

bObsweep has no mobile app or is not connected to your wireless network. However, it does have a remote control. The remote has all the same functions as the buttons on the machine, but it also has some extra features.


Maintenance of the robot is very important. Keeping the bin empty, no tangles on the brush rollers and no wooden plugs in the piping system can not only extend the life of the machine but also allow it to perform at its best.

Both units come with the tools needed to maintain maintenance. You can use a cleaning tool to clean the brushes and catheters. They also come with extra filters, bObsweep even has an extra brush roller.

General maintenance should be performed once a week. Empty and clean the collection box, remove the brush rollers, remove the tangles, hairs, strings, etc. that may entangle them, clear all the logs of the log, and check the filters.

Replace parts as necessary to ensure proper operation. Roomba makes maintenance very easy, and the whole process from beginning to end takes less than 15 minutes. bObsweep is a little more complicated and requires extra screws and proper alignment to reload the pieces, but even then it doesn’t take about 25 to 30 minutes.

Final Verdict

Affordability Pet Hair Plus is bObsweep’s best vacuum cleaner, and it’s the same price as iRobot’s older model Roomba 690.

Extra cleaning features – Although the iRobot vacuum cleaner only provides sweeping and vacuuming functions, Pet Hair Plus can sweep, vacuum, mop and UV disinfect.

Larger bin-With bObsweep, you no longer need to worry about all pen nibs being full. It comes with a large 1.1-litre bin, almost four times the bin provided by iRobot.

High suction power-With bObsweep, the suction power is higher than iRobot 690, which makes it suitable for carpets.

Longer warrantyBobsweep has a longer two-year warranty. Even if it doesn’t mean longer life, it’s better than iRobot’s one-year warranty.

Smart Connect-Even if this is an entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner, it offers WiFi capabilities for smartphone application operation, Alexa / Assistant connectivity, and third-party integration.

Dirt Detection-This is a unique feature that finds areas with a lot of dirt and tells Roomba to enter there and switch to “Spotlight” mode until the dirt is removed.

Low-profile design-iRobot is shorter than bObsweep, so it can enter the furniture in a better way than bObsweep, with much smaller gaps, which can get stuck.

Want wifi connectivity— I paired this vacuum cleaner with my smartphone in less than two minutes and I was ready to clean it. Using the application, I can start/pause cleaning or program a scheduled cleaning cycle (up to one week).

Want lower maintenance costs — Compared to bObsweep PetHair maintenance costs, Roomba 690 has reduced maintenance costs by an average of 75%.

Want a stronger battery— bObsweep PetHair comes with a 2,200 mAh battery and Roomba’s 3,000mAh. In addition, Roomba only takes 2 hours to charge, while bObsweep takes 6 hours.

Roomba 650 Vs 770 | Which One Is Best?

Roomba 650 vs 770
Roomba 650 vs 770
iRobot Roomba 650 Vs Roomba 770

Roomba 560 Vs 770 which is the best for you? We’ll disclose the best product based on our well-researched reviews and personal experiences. Investing in the best vacuum cleaner in your right, and we’ll help you to reach the best product in the market up to the date. 

Roomba 650 and 770 both are the best quality machines manufactured by the leading and well-known brand in robotic floor cleaners. Don’t get worried about the quality of Roomba 650 or 770. But, there are a few noticeable differences when we compare Roomba 650 and 770. 

The difference between iRobot Roomba 650 and 770 will make it easy for you to select the best product that is fit to go home with you. 

Irobot Roomba 650 and 770 comparison Chart

Through this informative article, you’ll get all the relevant information through our thoroughly discussed contrasts and comparisons of both products. Let’s begin with the details:

Roomba 650Roomba 770
Dimensions 13.4 x 3.62 13.9 x 3.4
Weight 11.5 13.2
Battery Life 60 minutes. 80 minutes.
AccessoriesExtra filter,
owner’s manual.
Extra filter, owner’s manual
Noise 61 dB 68 dB
Problems Shows some errors like dirty
sensors, battery connections, etc.
Makes a lot of noise
Comparison Chart iRobot 650 vs 770

If your decision is depending on our recommendation, then we’ll recommend you to go for the Roomba 770 because of its hi-tech features and more advanced and effective technology.

Where To Buy

Navigation Compatibility

Navigation is the moving pattern of the robotic vacuum cleaners. When we talk about iRobot Roomba 770 and iRobot Roomba 650, both products follow a random moving pattern while cleaning. Irobot has installed an optical sensor in Roomba 770, which makes it sense the objects nearby and makes it move less randomly. 

Either it is a Roomba 650 or 770, both use the accessible technology iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology. It is a motion system installed in the vacuum cleaners. Roomba 770 uses the second generation of the iAdapt Navigation Technology.

The iAdapt technology lets you ban the vacuum cleaner from entering a room or area you don’t want it to enter.

The drawback of Roomba regarding navigation technology

Irobot 650 and 770 performance test reveals that the Roomba 650 has a drawback of bumping into the things which come in its way. Your decoration pieces, including glass pieces that need extra care to handle, may get destroyed by the Roomba 650. It damages the stuff by hitting it with high speed. 

Before setting the Roomba 650 in a clean-up area for cleaning purposes, make sure to clear the area before it gets started. Otherwise, keep an eye on it so that it does not clash with any of the sensitive objects.

Navigation Technology

Roomba 650 vs 770
Roomba 650 VS 770 Navigation Technology

The Roomba 770 is an up model in terms of the navigation technology. It hardly makes any clash with the object because of its capability of detecting the objects in its way. Thus you may feel relaxed when Roomba 770 is handling all the cleaning processes of your house. Either it is Roomba 650 or 770, both of them have edge sensors that detect the edge and prevent them from falling off the cliffs. 

Soft Bumper Technology

Another technology named soft bumper technology is programmed in both models iRobot 650 and 770. The purpose of this technology is to detect soft objects like curtains, beddings, and upholstery. Thus, the Roomba 650 and 770 cleans them accordingly.  

Virtual Barrier

Roomba 650 is equipped with a single virtual barrier that keeps the vacuum cleaner within the particular cleaning area. While Roomba 770 is equipped with two different virtual walls, which keeps it in the cleaning area and detects the places it should not go.

We Recommend: Roomba 770

Irobot Roomba 770 vs 650 in terms of filtration

Both cleaners use a bag-less filtration method. Roomba robot 650 filter and 770 has a slight difference in terms that Roomba 650 uses the AeroVac Roomba 650 filters while Roomba 770 filters use dual HEPA filters. 

If there is no one allergic to dust in the house, then the AeroVac filter of the Roomba 650 is more than enough. The absence of irobot Roomba 650 filters HEPA technology is the drawback of this model. 

The HEPA filters are advanced in terms that they can capture the 0.3 micro dust particles as well. We recommend you HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to those having sensitivity issues towards dust and allergens.  

We Recommend: Roomba 770

Cleaning Performance

The duty of the two Roomba cleaners 650 and 770 are cleaning up and picking up the dust particles, but it works with some specific technologies. They use the hi-tech three-stage clean-up technology of iRobot to clean-up all the dirt. The three technologies are:

   Agitating For loosening debris
Brushing For picking the debris
Suctioning For sucking the wastes into the vacuum cleaner

The Roomba 770 has an updated version of the technology that the Roomba 650 uses. No doubt, Roomba 770 does its work with additional high power and far better sensors as compared to the Roomba 650.

However, the primary cleaning mechanism is almost the same for both of these two robotic vacuum cleaners. Both contain:

  • Three types of brushes. 
  • Two different shaped Flat brushes.
  • One round shaped flat brush.

Dirt detect technology

Dirt detect technology is the essential technology of the Roomba 650 and 770. The Roomba Irobot 650 test reveals that this model deals with the same spots repeatedly. The repeated action of leading to the same place by Roomba 650 is because of the lack of acoustic sensors

The problem discussed will lead to more battery consumption as well. On the other hand, the dirty places will be left un-cleaned, and the same spots will be cleaned again and again. 

The Roomba 770 has an added optical sensor accompanying an already present acoustic sensor. It detects the dirty floor and leads towards such places itself. 

Roomba 770 does not roam around the identical spots and thus, lowers the battery consumption as well. After cleaning the dirty place, it automatically moves towards the next dirty place for cleaning purposes. Therefore, it gives the proper and balanced cleaning to the floor. 

Compatibility of Roomba 650 and 770 in terms of floor types

Roomba has to deal with different floor types. Let’s discuss which Roomba model is more compatible with which types of floors. It is an appreciable point that both of these Roomba 650 and the 770 suits perfectly with all kinds of floors.

Either your floor is bare, or it is covered with carpets or rugs, we have repeatedly tested and gathered reviews from the users that reveal the both Roombas can adjust correctly with all of the floor categories.

The Roomba 650 has a good reputation regarding better picking up dust, large debris, and pet fur off from various floor categories. However, it is not capable of making the place spotless. Some of the fine dust will be seen even after cleaning the surface with the Roomba 650.

Lengthy cleaning sessions by Roomba 650

Another drawback of the irobot Roomba vacuum cleaner 650 model is that it takes a lot of time to complete the cleaning process, which means the cleaning sessions will be lengthy. 

Cleaning multiple rooms at once can become hectic for you as it may force you to charge it for several times. Such a situation will be somewhat irritating and challenging to handle for you.

Fast cleaning sessions by Roomba 770

However, the Roomba 770 is superior to Roomba 650 because of its capability of handling every floor categories so swiftly and fast. There is a noticeable difference between the cleaning quality of both models. Roomba 770 model can remove more or less 95% of dust particles more efficiently from the floor of your home.

This model provides up-gradation and proper concentration to the details and does its work efficiently and correctly.

Both of these two, Roomba 650 and Roomba 770, are great when comes the cleaning of the floor under the furniture. Both of these Roomba vacuum cleaners slide under your furniture easily for cleaning the floor beneath them. 

Model 770 is a little shorter in length than the model 650, and this is the plus point of the 770 models. It makes the Roomba 770 model get down the objects quickly and clean-up under the furniture effectively.

We Recommend: Roomba 770

The battery life of Roomba 650 and 770

Roomba 650 and 770 model takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged. The model 650 can run up to 50-60 minutes on a single charge while the model 770 can go up to 70 minutes after one time charging.

The drawback of Roomba 650 Battery 

The Roomba model 650 has a NiCad battery that does not have any battery indicator for different purposes, including indicating the full charge. Thus, you cannot get to know once it is fully charged or needs to be charged. It cannot resume to charge itself automatically.

The Roomba model 770 has a battery indicator and indicates the battery charging accordingly. The Roomba 770 can recharge and resume itself automatically.

We Recommend: Roomba 770

Design and measurements of Roomba 650 and 770

When it comes to design, Roomba 650 remote control has a black button whereas; the model 770 has got grey touch-pads instead of the buttons.

The height of the Roomba 650 is 91mm, and Roomba 770 is 92mm. The width of an irobot Roomba 650 is 353mm, and Roomba 770 is 93mm. The weight of both Roombas is 3.8 kg and 3.6 kg, respectively.

Dust Cups

The model 650 is designed to carry 0.48-gallon dirt it picks from the floor at once. The volume of trash it takes is excellent, but it has a drawback that has no full dirt-bin indicator. For this problem, you’ll need to keep a check after short intervals to know how much space is available in the bin for further cleaning.

On the other hand, the Roomba 770 has one dirt-bin indicator that lets you know how much of the bin is empty and if you can continue with the cleaning process or not.

We Recommend: Roomba 770

Program and Software

The basics of both models of vacuum cleaners are the same. The company has not made changes in the program while; the company has just added a few more upgrades and new versions.

The cleaning schedule program 

The cleaning schedule in Roomba 650 and 770 is the same. But, it is convenient to schedule the Roomba 770 over the Wi-fi through your smartphone. 

The 770 model of the irobot Roomba is more compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google home. You can use it when you are outside the home and want a neat and tidy place before coming back to the house.

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Unique Features of Roomba 650 and 770

Seven times in a week, both the models of Roomba 650 and 770 can clean the rooms once you set them. The Model 650 has some buttons to control it while. The Roomba 770 model has touch-pads to manage the settings etc.

There is no irobot Roomba 650 remote control technology. The Roomba 770 includes a remote control that is used to reach the device for operating it from a considerable distance. Roomba 650 has the features of voice-prompts instead of the remote control system.

Choosing from Roomba 650 and 770 based on special features depend on your requirements

1. iRobot Roomba 650 Review

The Roomba 650 model is one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners out of 600 series created by Irobot Roomba. Roomba 650 is popular among users because it has a low price, efficient for cleaning carpets, best for removing pets hairs or removing dust from curtains, etc. Another reason for its popularity is the easy maintenance. Some more specifications are:

Roomba 650 Review
  • iAdapt technology is a combination of software and different sensors. It is also easy to set up.
  • AeroVac technology, which is used in all the Roomba products after Roomba 650, is another feature. It also has a virtual sensor that prevents it from falling off from the edges. 
  • Moreover, a floor detection sensor helps the vacuum in adjusting itself according to the floor type. Plus, the self-docking function of Roomba 650 is quite impressive.

iRobot Roomba 650 Pros and Cons

  • The Roomba 650 is budget-friendly and is excellent for hardwood cleaning.
  • It can be used on different types of floors including the linoleum floor.
  • The vacuum cleaner is user-friendly.
  • The sensors are of the best quality and provide the best outcomes.
  • It is not able to connect with Wi-fi.
  • It is not able to clean more than one room at once on a single battery charge.

2. iRobot Roomba 770 Review

Roomba 770 Review
roomba iobot 770

IRobot has focused on the up-gradation of the Roomba models. Thus, the Roomba 770 is an upgraded version having 3-Stage Cleaning Process – the Series II. iRobot made this model more efficient than the previous ones. It can pick 98% of dirt, fur, or debris, which is the highest picking up rate amongst all the Roomba models.

Series II adds optical sensors to the already present acoustic sensor in Series I.

This Roomba 770 is equipped with Dual HEPA Filters, while Roomba 650 lacks in this particular advancement. Roomba is capable of trapping the harmful suspended particles, including allergens, because of this Dual HEPA filter technology. The outcome is visible in terms of a less polluted home, car, or your office.

iRobot has worked and brought advancement in the Dirt Detect Series in the Roomba 770 model. The system of 770 models, coupled with both the acoustic and optical sensors, means it is a preferable user-controlled cleaning vacuum. The Roomba 770 creates a more thorough cleaning pattern and has more emphasis on the areas having the most dirt.

The Robot 770 also has a similar iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology as the 650 models. This technology prevents the cleaner from getting in contact with sensitive objects that may get broken if touched by the device. Besides that, it has two virtual walls and 7-day On-Board Scheduling the same as the Roomba 650 model.

It is believed that robotic smart floor cleaners are not convenient enough. But, the Irobot Roomba 770 denies such myths and provides the users with remote control. You don’t have to get back to the dock every time before starting it or using any other function.

iRobot Roomba 770 Pros and Cons

  • HEPA filters advancement
  • Optical Sensors and an acoustic sensor.
  • Remote Control.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning Process Series II.
  • 2 Virtual Walls technology.
  • Convenient setup
  • No,Cons Found

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Final Verdict – Conclusion

Depending on your requirements You can settle on any of the Roomba vacuum cleaners.The choice can vary from person to person as it depends on the factors they most likely to consider before buying the product. 

If you have a low budget and prefer the product which is cheaper comparatively, then go for the Roomba 650. Though it seems slightly old, no doubt, it is efficient in working. If you want automatic controlled features and have a high budget, then go for the Roomba 770 as it will cost you some extra dollars. 

Roomba E5 Vs E6 Review | A Dive Into The World Of Roomba

iRobot Roomba E5 Vs E6
roomba e5 vs e6
Roomba E5 vs E6


Spick and span are what an immaculate person desires when it comes to their surroundings.

 iRobot Corporation is mainly focused on creating the Epitome of Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners. We all used to be familiar with hand operating vacuum cleaners to the time they got all Robotic. Let’s scrutinize one of renowned series, The e Series of iRobot Roomba.

iRobot Roomba E SERIES

Roomba E is a fantastic iRobot series with their two incredible Robot Vacuum Cleaners that we’ll primarily focus on, iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 Models. Let’s highlight their features and help you guys choose the best choice!

(Hint: Both Roomba e5 and e6 have almost the same hardware and both share the amazing technique of cleaning. E6 may have some extras. But e5 is more budget-friendly. We would recommend E6 if budget is not an issue.)  

Where To Buy

The best deal for Roomba E6 is available on Walmart

Best deal for iRobot Roomba e5 is available on Amazon

Comparison Chart Roomba E5 Vs E6

FeaturesRoomba e5Roomba e6
Virtual Wall Devices No Yes, 2
Extra Filters Available for purchase Available for purchase
Power SuctionYes Yes
Color: Pale GoldNoYes
Color: Sliver Yes (Only at Sam’s Club) No
Pet Hair and Allergens RemovalYes Yes
Rubber BrushesYesYes
Long Battery LifeYesYes
Compatible with HOME AppYesYes
Dirt Detect TechnologyYesYes
Edge Sweeping BrushYesYes
Washable Dust BinYesYes
Battery 3300mAh lithium-ion 3300mAh lithium-ion
Smart NavigationYesYes
Cliff DetectorsYesYes
Collection Bin Capacity0.7L0.7L
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Charge Time3h3h
RunTimeUpto 90 MinutesUpto 90 Minutes
Weight 7.2 pounds 7.2 pounds
Size 13.3×13.3×3.6 inches 13.3×13.3×3.6 inches
Color Black on BlackTan on Black


iRobot Roomba e5
iRobot Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba e5 is diversified into two main sub-models, Roomba e5 5150 and Roomba e5 5134. These two models aren’t contradictory to each other widely, as the significant difference lies in their colour scheme only. 

The e5 (5134) model comes in a Silver and Black colour scheme, while the e5 (5150) model comes in entirely black colour. Some users expertise portray that e5 5134 might be an upgraded version of the Roomba 690 Model


Retail box Dimensions 5.08 x 16.14 x 20.08
Robot Weight  7.2 lbs.
Robot Dimensions 13.3 inches width x 3.6 inches high
Battery Type Lithium-Ion

The iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.


iRobot Roomba e6 6198
iRobot Roomba e6 6198

iRobot Roomba E6 Series is notorious for its 3 Stage Cleaning System. It includes Multi-surface rubber brushes, powerlifting suction, a high-efficiency filter and various other amenities. All these features have sparkled the E6 series and have enabled it to stand at far with the rest. It includes various models. Our prime focus is on iRobot Roomba e6 (6198)


Retail box Dimensions 5.08 x 16.14 x 20.08
Robot Weight  7.2 lbs.
Robot Dimensions 13.3 inches width x 3.6 inches high
Battery Type Lithium-Ion

The iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.

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iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 are spectacularly similar to a lot of extents. Well if you’re colour specific then, of course, it’ll be your choice whether to go with Roomba e5’s stunning Black or Roomba e6’s Silver savagery. To wise men, Colours shouldn’t be a major factor confined with material objects, but at the end of the day, it’s your heart and your own choices. 


Keeping in spark their other similarities, we should know that e5 and e6 share the same battery Lives, i.e. 90 minutes, which enable the models to function at astounding durations and even recharge on their own. We’ll look into this feature ahead.

 Their Filtration System is of High Efficiency, which has made their cleaning ability far more convenient than ever before. They even have the same Dimensions, 13.4×13.4×3.6 inches. 

They weigh around 7.23 Lbs. 


Well if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford bucks but can make a wise decision to go for fewer dollars and high leverage over features, you go for e5. In contrast, if you deeply rely on the long journey of togetherness, you go for e6. All the models with minute modifications as compared to their predecessors vary in terms of money. It won’t be a wise choice to go for a new model and spending bucks over a small deal. 


iRobot virtual walls and filters
iRobot Filters And Virtual Wall devices

 Also, e6 stands at par when it comes to dual-mode virtual wall device; this feature protects your cleaner and makes your work feasible. 

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Roomba iRobot Vacuum Cleaners come with Battery Operated Towers which are applicable with their Containment Methods. These are very feasible and efficient. You wouldn’t need to bother cutting tape pieces or take the help of electrodes as is done by other manufacturing products. 

Dual Mode Barriers are also included. Initially, Single-Mode Towers were common which were always in use, but then this technology turned over a new leaf with the Light House that only made it possible for the robot to pass by after some time. 

The latest version is the Linear Mode where interestingly you can block the entrances and exits of a place, specifically your room. The astounding aspect is found in the infrared rays extension up to ten feet. 

While The Halo Mode intends to create a four-foot diameter infrared ring. It offers contentment in the form of protection of your cosy home objects like your iron stands or your laundry baskets or your pet’s little home or your bird’s cage. Everything will be protected. 

iRobot Roomba e5 doesn’t come with any such technology, but iRobot Roomba e6 is lucky enough to be blessed by it. 

Some significant striking similarities amongst the two are further discussed below.


Well, Roomba e6 particularly e6(6198) and Roomba e5 both are utterly identical. Thanks to iRobot for imparting them with different colours and making it an ease for us to identify them. The colour ranges from Silver Linings to Stunning Blacks and a few other shades. What must a colour impact on when it’s the real function that matters? 


The Navigation Technology used in both Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198 is robot adapt. It serves as sensors and enables the robots to sense their surroundings. It also helps to overcome hurdles on its own. 

Due to this sensing technology, the robot can also protect itself from falls. Roomba Robots can sense cliffs and withhold themselves from their damage. They can easily protect themselves from falling off objects or tripping over the stairs, and you needn’t worry about looking after them. 


Both Roomba e5 and Roomba e6 share this amazing technique of cleaning. They contain bristle less brush roll system which aids in immaculate and feasible cleaning. 

This Brush Roll System has ensured to carry out meticulous cleaning more efficiently. 


iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6198 are equipped with the technology of the edge sweeping brushes which rotate and sway your mess away. While the Edge Brush is under the action, the vacuum tilts a bit and makes it convenient to function and carry the dirt and debris under. 


Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198 can be connected to Wi-Fi and hence to your phones. You can also download their App iRobot and enjoy the fantastic auto journey of your robot. You can easily pair your iRobot e6 with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Device for voice control. Using Amazon Alexa, you can also adopt the voice commands technology for your robots. Speak to them, and they’ll slay your command. 


roomba e5 vs e6

You need not worry about Remote Controls anymore while using the Roomba e6. You can easily tackle this by connecting it with your Android or iPhone and see the magic. 

What’s fascinating is that the iRobot HOME App lets you enjoy an ideal experience at home. You can manage your Vacuuming Routines and set it on your Home App. 

The entire Weekly or Daily Basis schedule can run smoothly via it. You also will be updated regarding issues, and the device will alert you for carrying out precautions. The details of the cleaning history or the details of the device, everything will just be a click away. 

You can effortlessly command your device with the help of the Android App to either halt or function right away, and it will understand your command. It follows the words “start”, “stop” and “dock.” 

The iRobot Roomba e6198 offers a unique variation in the form of onboard buttons where you can easily insert your instruction, and your device will function. You can also instruct your iRobot Roomba e6198 Vacuum Cleaner to go on charging mode or even twirl around to pick up a pile of dirt. 

iRobot Roomba e6 comes with a faceplate which serves as a visual indicator like the charging indicator which changes colour from amber to green when your device is fully charged. Also, there is a Wi-Fi indication which ensures your device’s connectivity with the internet. You’ll also be popped up with another light whenever your device will find any dirt or obstacle. 


Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198 come with a fantastic feature of filters that helps trap all the allergens and dust from the atmosphere and protect the humans around. 

The Roomba Robot e Series are equipped with High-Efficiency Filtration System. Along with the eradication of such allergens, these Robots also prevent them from roaming back in the air. 

The dust particles around the size of three microns can be captured. You can easily rely on their ability to sanitize the environment for you, by removing all the moulds and pollens too. 

The Dual Rubber Brush Roll System is unique in a way that it loosens itself and can lift over and function over the wheels to trot around. 

iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 both serve this filtration task very well. Roomba e6 moreover has an extra second filter in the box which helps at the time of first filter’s degradation. 

Well, you should remember that replacing filters with the new ones is something you cannot avoid at all. After every six months, you will have to purchase new filters for sure, but in the case of e6, you will have a comfort of not worrying about it for a long time because of the spare filter. 


Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198 come with the capability to identify the accumulated dirt on their own. They are pro at seeking the dirt by sensing it hence making the experience less hectic. Can you embrace this little awe that you’ve got on your face right now, well you should. This Little Amazing Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner is doing it all just right for you. You won’t even need to guide the Robots, but they’ll sense it all on their own and help you get rid of the mess around. Kudos, Roomba! 


iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 are Strength Beasts of suction. They can even work feasibly on carpets and rugs and offer a comfortable experience. 

They can even efficiently work on floors and mats with their suction ability. Its suction ability aids in meticulously cleaning every little piece of dirt inside out with ease and perfection. You shouldn’t be worrying about it all. 


Roomba e5 and e6 come with a height profile of about 4 inches high, thus enabling them to manage cleaning under small spaces as well. They can alter their position and not compromise any nook and corner of the house in terms of cleanliness. These devices come with a soft touch bumper which prevents your device from all sorts of hazards and accidents as they roam around your home’s premises. 


iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 Vacuum Cleaners have washable dustbins which can be removed and cleaned entirely after their peak dirt point and can be used for a new experience again. 

Whenever you need to dump your dirt away from your device, you simply need to press the release button on your robot, and it will eject the trash out for you. Old were the times when this wasn’t technology, but now it’s a comfort-seeking time where Roomba is entirely responsible with it all. 


Both the models iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6198 are efficient enough to be charged on their own. They can help their users live a contented life. 

You need not fret over its battery drainage as the robot itself focuses on self-care. Whenever the battery is about to drain, the device itself recharges without any human’s involvement. 

The Lithium-Ion Battery of the device helps it to continue for longer runs and smoother drives. It also enables the Suction Power in its active and energetic state of work that means no frustration of getting up, plugging in wires and making those electrons pass through them. It is all automatically done! 


It’s a struggle to find out dissimilarity amongst Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198, but we can say their accessories vary. e6198 contains two virtual barrier unit and a filter of Ultra High efficiency. 

Moreover, there is a slight difference between their prices, Roomba e6 is at par in costs as well. 

Roomba e5 can be found feasibly online while Roomba e6 can be purchased by retailers or the vendors around. The choice is yours whether to put yourself through the mess of looking for various vendors or sites or merely going for the more straightforward and efficient option. 


Well, all goods have some bads and so is with Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198. Considering the cons of these, it is an important issue that the cleaning carried out by these is in a haphazard manner as they don’t contain a Serpentine Movement Pattern. Also, they have some other negative aspects too, including the absence of camera and some navigation issues. 

Moreover, users often complain regarding their Noise Issues, and it’s mismanagement at times in cleaning a spot immaculately. These models might even get clogged and create havoc. 

Also, the e5 series is somewhat contradictory to the automating charging. They do not understand how to recharge and resume, but they tend to stay on base. 

No onboard cameras are installed which causes a hindrance for your Home Mapping Technique. 


As many complications that our little Robotic Buddy has resolved for us, it’s system setting is way simple to be done. You simply need to unbox your device and plug your device’s charging base, let it boost up, and you are all set to cherish your experience. Initially, your Roomba e5 would be entering your life with a fifty percent battery, and you can make use of that and then when it drains out you can go for charging it up and using it till the peak. This draining and recharging will give your battery a good kick start! 


The reviewers generally have an optimistic approach regarding Roomba e5 and Roomba e6198 and flaunt their cleaning capabilities. Albeit, some users find e5 perturbing in terms of noise and the dust cup being too small, causing inconvenience. 

These issues are contributed by the users who have had their own experiences. They might’ve been unlucky, or maybe at times, perfection might meet fallacy and hence goes all your money down the drain. 


iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 both are equipped with similar Hardware and Soft wares but yes how well your product is accessorized matter to you; then you should choose the model having leverage over the other in terms of accessories.
Neither is e5 East nor is e6198 West. Both are at the same plethora of perfection with tiny bits of variations. Cleanliness is the real win, and iRobot Roomba e5 and iRobot Roomba e6 are the winners!

The features are a significant Win. While the Roomba e6 will stun you with its mesmerizing features and accessories.

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews | Best Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro,1986

Our team recently tested this vacuum cleaner and on that basis, we decided to create BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews in order to help you choose the best pet carpet cleaner. We found this as one of the best and latest vacuum cleaners that BISSEL has made for pet owners.

Moving forward, we found out that this is one of the vacuum cleaners designed on pet owners mind as it gets dirt and grime out of your carpet easily. We have also tested other vacuum cleaners for pet hair and odours but not every single one worked like BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro. We can say it is better than any other vacuum cleaner as it performs dual functions as a vacuum as well as a carpet cleaner, so you don’t need two different machines anymore.


Models Of BISSELL Proheat 2X:

There are two models manufactured by BISSEL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro that are listed below:

  • BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986 (The one we are reviewing now)
  • BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer with Antibacterial Spot & Stain Remover, 1548

Both contain some different peripherals such as:

In 1986:

  • BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
  • Attachments/accessories (vary by model)

In 1548:

  • BISSELL Pet Stain & Odor Formula
  • Tough Stain Tool

INSIDE THE BOX (BISSELL Revolution Pet Pro, 1986):

INSIDE THE BOX (BISSELL Revolution Pet Pro, 1986):
  • Base with Dirty Water Tank
  • Upper Handle
  • Base with Dirty Water Tank
  • Carry Handle
  • 1 Screw attached to Upper Handle
  • Tough Stain Tool
  • 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool
  • Nozzle Clean Out Tool
  • BISSELL Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial Formula
  • Accessory bag & hose
  • BISSELL Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy
  • Clean Water Tank

The Bissell Proheat comes in one piece but there are some parts that you have to attach in order to set it up and make it running. First of all, I had to put the regular handle with the screw on to the “Carry Handle” from where you can pick up the vacuum cleaner. To be honest, I myself was confused so had to then go through the instructions several times but at the end I had it done.



The BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner has the 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool that is a bonus for its users has both modes:

  • Dry Mode
  • Wet Mode

To collect pet hair it also consists of rubber bristles and a little dustbin attached to dispose of dirt easily. Moreover, there also is a 3-inch handheld tool designed to help the stains scrub out.

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BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews Of "CLEANING":
BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986

To clean the pet carpet we test the deep cleaning mode of the Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution and it was amazing to see the results we experienced. At first pass, it managed to pick up a lot of hair and dirt from the carpet. On the second pass, it even removed the odour from the rug. You only need to pass mostly once over the rug to completely clean the rugs.

So we can say that the Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is much better than other machines as it manages to clean hair from the carpet very smoothly. we also have tested other pet hair cleaners but found the Bissell Proheat 2X better.

As comparing it to other carpet cleaners the Bissell Proheat 2x Pet Pro has a water tank which has a capacity of storing 1 gallon of water. Furthermore, if you are using the deep clean mode it doesn’t seem to last very long. The thing I found annoying was that I had to empty the dirty water two times while I only refilled it once. Moreover, the plus point was that the machine automatically stops when the tank fills, this saves me time as I don’t keep on checking if the dirty water needs to be emptied.

The other thing we found out that we mentioned as a con that it didn’t heat up water as mentioned in its name. So instead I had to fill hot water from the tap, I think that’s, not a big deal. The reason for telling you this is not to expect this machine to heat up water.

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro DESIGN

As we put the Bissell Pet Pro Vacuum together. We saw it as an upright vacuum that has many incredible features that are not hard to use. For example, you can switch modes very easily between the Deep Clean Mode and the Express Mode. Furthermore, it uses less water and soap so that the carpet can dry faster. s according to the brand it takes about 30 minutes. In this machine, you can just squirt extra soap with a pedal that is the clean shot pre-treater pedal. This phenomenon carries out with the brush head in order to remove tough stains.

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is manoeuvred very easily as the water tank is filled very easily with the solution which is used for cleaning, that is Bissell’s Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy and the Pet stain and Odour + Anti-Bacterial Carpet Formula.

However, all the soaps included in Bissell are not so easy to fill. For example, Pet Urine Eliminator does not fill easily. So make sure to check it twice before pouring it in. Moreover, the bottle cap exists of a measuring scale so also make sure to measure it.

First of all, I scrub the stains twice using the hand tool which got chocolate and dirt off. In the end, the wine and coffee stains were still visible. You should keep in mind that the stains weren’t pre-treated. If they were they would be taken off with a spot treatment


As we have tested many carpet cleaners. We have found this as one of the best carpet cleaners specially designed for pet owners with great features. The Bissell Proheat performs genuinely better than other models.

The Express Clean Mode is especially used for a quick clean before the guest arrives your carpet dries. The carpet dries fast and easily in this mode as personally experienced. The time taken by this mode in order to dry the carpet is close to about an hour.

The Pre-Treatment feature is also very easy to use as it makes a formula which helps in breaking the stains up.

Furthermore, the main feature is the upholstery tool. It performs dual functions. By sucking the pet hair very comfortably ad also washing the furniture.


The Bissell Pet Pro is almost the size of an upright vacuum cleaner. That makes it hard to store because it doesn’t fold up.

So we experienced that you may need a bit of larger area to store the Bissell Proheat.

The plus point is that this carpet cleaner is easy to clean after you use it for cleaning pet hair from the carpet as the brush head of the machine can be taken off easily so that the cover can be rinsed.

Secondly, that is also a nozzle cleaning tool that helps to take out any hair or dirt that makes the users attract toward this product.

Last but not least it also has a bag that is the drawstring bag where all the accessories can be kept.

According to me, this is exceptional as well as ideal to place a bag on the carpet cleaner in order to store the accessories so that you don’t lose them.

Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro VS. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner:

After testing and comparing both of these carpet cleaners we found that both of them are quite similar as both vacuum cleaners include a storage bag where all the accessories are kept.

Moreover, both resemble an Upright Vaccum Cleaner. however, the Hoover Carpet Washer is less expensive than the Bissell Proheat and this has some kind of reflection on its performance.

But there may be some features in the Hoover Carpet Cleaner that makes it not as good as Bissell 2x Revolution such as the leaking of several tanks.

However, the good point is that it has separate spaces for soap and clean water.

Coming to the conclusion it does a good job of cleaning carpets. But it cant perform as good as Bissell. simply it just can’t match the performance of Bissell Proheat.

If you want a simple carpet cleaner with no-frills you might feel happy with the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe.

Where those who want a better carpet cleaner will have to spend some money to get the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet.

Final Verdict

I have tested this as I am myself a pet owner and it works perfectly for me that is why I will recommend this vacuum cleaner for you as a pet owner.


Shark NV801 Vs NV803| Unbiased Comparison And Review For 2020

Shark NV801 vs NV803
Shark NV801 vs NV803
Shark NV801 vs NV803

So before moving on to the comparison and review of Shark NV801 Vs NV803, we just found many similarities in these powered lift-away vacuum cleaners as well as minor differences. People get really confused between both of these vacuums as they are quite similar, well it is hard to choose between both of them. While testing out both of these Shark vacuums we found out some great features as well as some cons in them.

For this me and my team tested out these Shark models and made a review so that we could choose a better model for you. Both of these models are the combination of great and unique features which makes cleaning very easy on any hard floor as well as carpets.

Shark NV801 Vs NV803 PROS And CONS Of Both:

Pros and Cons of NV801

  • Great Lift-Away feature
  • Pet hair cleaning is better
  • Brushrolls which are best for maintenance
  • The cleaner head is of low profile
  • Works outstanding on both carpets and floors
  • Maneuvrable
  • The filters are washable
  • The suction is great
  • The dust cup is small
  • Power ON/OFF Button is on the vacuum not on the hand.
  • Hose is short

Pros and Cons of NV803

  • Designed lightweight
  • Assembled easily
  • Powered Lift-Away Mode
  • Good Suction
  • Includes the filtrating technology
  • All necessary accessories are included
  • User-Friendly
  • Limited Warranty of 7-Years
  • Not much assembly involved
Item NameBuy
iRobot Roomba 770iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Check Price
IiRobot Roomba 650iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Check Price

Shark NV801 Vs NV803, Features & Similarities:

As we tested both of these vacuums over a long period of research, we now came up with the final similarities that we found in them:

Lift-Away Technology:

This is one of the most used technologies now as well as a great feature that Shark now introduces in most of its’ vacuum cleaners. With this technology, you can reach that part of the places at your home where the whole unit can’t reach such as under the furniture or cleaning inside of your vehicle. This has made cleaning very easy you just need to detach the canister from the main unit, now the vacuum is converted to a hand vacuum by the touch of a single button. Both Shark NV803 & NV801 have this great feature.

DuoClean Technology:

DuoClean Technology is also a great feature that is included in both of these vacuum cleaners. You may be thinking what does this do? Well this includes two brush rolls, one is the hard roll and the second brush roll is soft. The soft and stiff (hard) bristle both work excellently in cleaning large debris as well as high piles that are stuck on the carpet. This feature is not only used in pulling in debris from the carpet but pulls in debris from floors as well.

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Carpet Cleaning:

After we tested this technology of Shark NV801 and NV803 we found out that it did a great job of cleaning the debris as well as pet hair from the carpet in a good manner leaving nothing behind.

Edge Cleaning:

As we moved to test the edge cleaning of both the vacuums we found out that the edge cleaning feature of NV803 was working fairly. But NV801 had its right side nozzle better than the left one, cleaning up the edges tightly.

Pet Hair Cleaning:

Shark NV801 and NV803 are best for the owners who have pets at home as regular cleaners cannot pick up pet hair. The reviews of both of these machines are great as they include a multi-tool specially used to pick up pet hair from your carpet, furniture or where ever your pet is moving at home or your vehicle. I will say for pet owners these two models will do the job.

Complete Seal Technology (Allergen Facts):

After testing and getting user reviews we got to the fact that Shark NV801 & NV803 are great anti-allergy machines. Now, what is complete seal technology? or anti-allergy machine?

Complete seal technology vacuum cleaners are specially designed vacuums so that the air can’t leak out of the machine which might cause allergen facts which is a dangerous factor for your health. Moreover, they contain the HEPA filter which traps the dust air inside and doesn’t let it leak outside so that is a plus point in both these vacuum cleaners.

But here I must add that Shark NV803 has a standard HEPA Filtration which works much better and guarantees to capture 99.7% of pollutants.

LED Headlights On Nozzle:

This is another feature of Shark NV801 and NV803. LED headlights are present on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaners so as to detect the debris even in dark areas. So this feature allows you to now see dark areas where you think there is no dust, but after the addition of this feature, you can see the dark areas and clean the dust.

Swivel Steering Feature:

Maneuvering under the furniture is not easy when you have an upright vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t have enough swiveling you cannot be satisfied. Both of these vacuum cleaners have come up with a steering technology which makes cleaning much easier than ever. With this amazing feature now you can get rid of dust or debris attached to any obstacle at home. Moreover, the canister is detached which allows access to any part of hidden areas.

Length Of Power Cord:

The length of the power cord also has an effect on the reviews of both vacuum cleaners. You may have experienced those vacuum cleaners having short power cords are hard to use as you need to find a socket near you. But now there is no worry as Shark NV801 & NV803 has long power cords with a length of 30 feet which cover the whole of your room comfortably.

Weight Of The Product:

This also comes in the similarities of these vacuum cleaners that both have the same weight. Personally experienced they are not that heavy in weight. The Shark NV801 & NV803 has a weight of 15 lbs.

Shark NV801 Vs NV803 “The Difference”:

While testing both the vacuum cleaners we also found out only a few differences that are as under:

Path Of Cleaning:

The cleaning path size of Shark NV801 Vs NV803 Differ. The Shark NV801 vacuums size of the cleaning path is 8.5 inches. While the size of the cleaning path of Shark NV803 is larger and is 11.9 inches.


The accessories you get from both the vacuums are different as from the Shark NV803 you get:

  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • A crevice tool
  • An under appliance wand
  • A pet power brush

While on the other hand from a Shark NV801 you get:

  • Duster crevice tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Under appliance wand

It does not have a pet power brush with it.

Moreover, when you buy the Shark NV803 you also get an accessory bag with it for the storage of tools that you have got with it. But the case is not the if you purchase Shark NV801.

Which One To Buy?:

Testing both of the products and now giving an unbiased conclusion of both of them as both of the vacuum cleaners are very similar and only a few differences are found in them. I will consider the Shark NV803 that is because of its HEPA standard filtration works amazing.

Moreover, an extra attachment that included in Shark NV803 that is not available in Shark NV801. You can buy all the accessories of Shark Vacuums separately, so why not buy a product which already has all the accessories included.

Keeping everything aside what you can be sure of getting top performance from both Shark NV801 and NV803. So now the choice is yours.

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