Buying Guideline 2021 – Best Vacuum Cleaner under 100

Best Vacuum cleaner under 100

Searching for the best vacuum cleaner under 100 in the UK? You have just come to the right place.

I have just finished up searching for vacuum cleaners under £100 and have made a guide and review on the best budget vacuum cleaners under £100.

If you’re buying a low budget vacuum cleaner that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get the work of a high budget vacuum cleaner. You can still get a perfect vacuum cleaner for under £100.

Now it doesn’t matter where you’re living because I have looked up for you some great reviews on some affordable vacuum cleaners.

You just need to choose your vacuum cleaner by reading its reviews and you can order it now by clicking on the link because I have already linked each one of them through Amazon.


The affordable vacuum cleaners like robotic vacuums, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums and stick vacuums; at the end only one problem that bothered everyone is that the suction must be super powerful to suck all the dust from the carpets, hardwood floors, pet hair, bare floors, berber carpets, etc.

So, I went through as many cheap vacuum cleaners as I could and ended up finding other vacuum cleaners that were under £100 but did the job perfectly.

Here is the list of the Top Nine best budget vacuum cleaners:

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum
  • Filter: HEPA Filter
  • Height Adjustment: 5-level
  • Weight: 18 Pounds
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1. Dyson V11 Outsize Vacuum Cleaner

Image of Dyson V11 Outsize Vacuum Cleaner

The most famous company Dyson V11 manufactured the best vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are super affordable and  are easy to use. They are helpful in cleaning the carpets, hardwood floors, pet hairs, rugs, etc.  They perform their task in a better way than other vacuum cleaners. 

Dyson is one of the leading brand that always fulfills its promise to provide a 100% quality product to its customers. Therefore, mostly people recommend these Dyson vacuum cleaners to one another, due to their best quality and their speed.

Key Specifications

Additional Features

This is the best stick vacuum that has cordless vacuum technology. It helps to clean your home as well as used for commercial zone. Furthermore, it is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a digital motor fitted inside it. The motor spins up to 60 times in a second.

The best vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning and pet hair provides you a clean and healthy environment without leaving any dust and debris behind. Its carbon fiber filaments help to capture the fine dust particles on the hardwood floors. After the working of the Dyson V11, you will see the shine on the floor.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are brilliant when it comes to a wall-mounted stand having a drop-in docking system. This stand is useful in such a manner because it, you can easily drop the vacuum after cleaning the carpets, hardwood floors, animal hair, garage, bare floors, etc.

Moreover, a large hygienic bin already fits into it with 14 cyclones that help to generate forces of approximately 80,000g to throw microscopic particles of dust and debris. The large bin has already a “point and shoots” mechanism that can easily shoot the dust particle exactly to the bin.

Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner has an integrated power management system by default. It contains Lithion Battery, with a battery capacity of 29.4 mAh. The charging time needs to be 4 hours minimum.

The best part of that vacuum cleaner is that It is easy to learn and simple to use with a proper buying guide present inside in it. It also has three levels of cleaning, you can adjust them according to your need. 



The conclusion about the Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner is that it has a powerful motor that helps to clean the dirt particles from the floors. The tendency shows that it can be only a one-time investment to spend money on such kind of an expensive vacuum. In addition to that, the accessories provided with these Dyson vacuum cleaners making them expensive. It has a separate carpet nozzle, charging base, crevice tool, and mini turbo brush, etc. Such accessories are hard to find besides the vacuum cleaner.

Order now, to avail the best vacuum cleaner along with all the accessories.

2. Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner

Image of Miele C1 Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum for your home is important because a good vacuum cleaner will help you to achieve a dust-free environment. Miele Company delivers its customers the best vacuum cleaners with pure suction. These vacuum cleaners will help to make your cleaning super easy than before. 

Moreover, the vacuum cleaners like Miele C1 Classic Grey have multiple features to suck the dust and debris in their best manner. The 3-on-board tool found in it will suck the tiny dust particles in it. It is also the best vacuum for the cleaning of pet hair on the hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, rugs, garage, and sofa’s, etc. throughout your home. Mostly, people recommend such types of vacuum cleaners because of their extra efficient technology.

Key Specifications

Additional Features

Miele C1 is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that belongs to the Miele powerline. All the models of Miele canister vacuum cleaners have unique features in them. They show their performance in a better way than other upright and handheld vacuums. Miele is the leading brand that delivers a quality products to its customers. Additionally, the Miele C1 has a suction power of 1200W that strongly pulls the dirt towards it.

The weight of Miele vacuum cleaners is 9.1 inches wide, 9.8 inches tall, and 16.9 inches long. The hose of Miele C1 is about 29.5 feet. Its total weight is approximately 14.8 pounds. For the filtration system, Miele AirClean Bag is already installed in it. You can easily take out the bag, throw the dust and fit the bag just like before.

The pre-motor filter is used in it which is known as an exhaust filter. The power cable used in them is about 21 feet with 5.5 feet hose. The cleaning range for Miele C1 is 29.5 feet with a stainless steel wand.

The cleaning is easy with these Miele vacuums; as it is a lightweight vacuum, for that reason it is recommended for everyone.



As it is a multi-functional vacuum cleaner, so it is easy to use with a proper buying guideline. It serves fast cleaning to its customers without any complaint. The filters help to clean dust and protects you to become an allergy suffer. You can buy these vacuum cleaners online to protect the electric mains from overloading due to their slow ramping of power levels. It will also come with anti-static handles that help to prevent a static discharge. The best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors is a recommended vacuum cleaner with pros and cons.

Order now, to get the best vacuum cleaner for your home or commercial use.

3. Shark NV352 Navigator LiFT-away Vacuum Cleaner

Image of Shark NV352 Navigator Lift- Away Technology Vacuums

Shark Navigator is the famous and most recommendable vacuum for a large number of customers. It is used for cleaning purposes with HEPA filter technology and Anti-Allergy Seal. This shark vacuum cleaner comes in a unique color i.e. Lavender. The working of this versatile vacuum cleaner is that it cleans dirt and debris from the floors very efficiently. It performs various tasks in a shorter time span. Also, this best floor sweeper sweeps out the pet hair from a variety of floors like a hardwood floor, luxury vinyl plank floors, bare floors, etc. This vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for apartments as well as the best vacuum for stairs cleaning. Most importantly, this vacuum cleaner improves all the cleaning methods at less price.

Key specifications

Additional Features

These powerful vacuum cleaners have the latest technology already installed in them which makes their performance better and gives you a clean floor everyday. The best part of this shark plank flooring vacuum cleaner smoothly cleanses out the crud from the carpets. Moreover, it will also suck the dust from the carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, bare floors, berber carpets, sofa cleaning etc. 

The dust cup capacity of 1.1 quarts store most of the dust particles in them. The crevice tool in these vacuum cleaners is about 24-Inches which easily passes the debris from the vacuum nozzle. This vacuum cleaner also has duoclean technology in them which helps to keep in control of the pull and push of air suction that will assist you from maneuvering around the furniture. The strong suction of this shark navigator adjusts the suction power according to the required place. This best shark for pet hair is to pull the pet hair towards it. 

Following are its pros and cons of these Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum Cleaners listed down below: 



This is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner that is designed in such a way that it will fulfill all the purposes in one vacuum. It is a portable vacuum cleaner so that it will clean the dust from the floors, high-pile carpets or low-pile carpets, pet hairs, stairs, sofas, and deep cleaning.

It will also save you from becoming an allergy sufferer. You can carry this vacuum cleaner along with you everywhere in your house. When buying this shark vacuum cleaner, the shark attachments also comes along with that. The manual buying guideline also presents in the box for customer guidance. 

Order now, the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair in a reasonable price.

4. Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Vacuum Cleaner

Image of Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is the best vacuum cleaner that eliminates the dust and debris from the carpets. These upright vacuum cleaners will provide you deep cleaning and have the ability to suck the dirty water with their powerful FlexForce brushes. The vacuum cleaner sucks out the pet hair as well as pet dirt very firmly and leaves the surface dust-free. It is easy to learn this vacuum cleaner because the company Hoover provides a user guide for its customer.

ADDitional features

Hoover always fulfills its true promise of delivering a quality of vacuum cleaners in the market. These hoover vacuum cleaners are the best vacuum for the money.

The automatic cleaning technology helps to make the cleaning better than before. The hoover attachment also comes along with the vacuum cleaners so that you can clean your sofas, stairs, pet hairs, car cleaning, and garage. You can clean its filter by taking it out from the vacuum cleaner and then wash it with the water, remove the dust and then place it like before.

It has auto-clean motion sensing technology is useful for its powerful brushes to move in to and forth motion. Therefore, you will get a powerful cleaning in every wash. Its fast drying system is the best system ever so that you don’t need to wait for long hours or till the next day.

Let’s highlight its pros and cons one by one:



To conclude, this is an expensive vacuum with its hoover attachments. The attachments include its long pipe which deliberately helps in cleaning cars, upper stairs, sofas, and so on so forth. Its triggerless design makes cleaning easy and convenient in deep cleaning. This vacuum is especially design take the dirt out with its powerful brushes from the all types of carpet cleaning like berber carpets, low-pile carpets or high-pile carpets, and leaves no dust left behind. 

Order now, this multi-fuctional vacuum cleaner at affordable rates. 

5. AmazonBasics Best Canister Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable vacuum cleaner that has an energy rating of Class A.This vacuum cleaner also contains a HEPA filter system that helps to catch the smallest dust particles and prevent them from coming back into the air. The triple-action nozzle is fantastic for catching the dust and debris, that is great for the patients of asthma and allergies. The filter in the AmazonBasics Vacuum is good at collecting 99% of the allergens and the air which comes out is clean air. Its energy usage is low and even it’s very powerful to control most applications. It can be used for shorter pile carpets, hard floors and also longer pile carpets. Its dust bag is also very simple to remove. The AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner has an operating radius of 5m. It’s great by all means with a weight of 4.5 kg and low noise level.

Users’ feedback after using AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum

““AmazonBasics Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is definitely Economical and at the same time very effective. This is designed similar to high price tag bagless vacuum cleaners and has some cool features. First of all the fact, its bagless itself is something which worked for me. Suction power can be controlled and its works great even at lower suction. From the looks point of view, it’s pretty attractive In summary, it’s a great vacuum cleaner which does a great job at lower price tag !! Definitely recommended”

Here is a summary of AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Pros and cons:


6. Duronic – Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

The Duronic VC5010 is an electric bagless vacuum with a vicious cylinder and a wonderful A+  energy rating. Some electric cleaners are very heavy to push and pull and we get tired and bored quickly but VC5010 enables you to get your job done with ease and quickly. It may also make the task more enjoyable.

 It has highly effective HEPA filters which helps to catch even the very smallest dust particles and not let them escape again in the air. 

It operates with a 500W motor which makes it the most efficient vacuums on the market. It contains two brush attachments, one is the floor brush that is good for hard floors and shorter pile carpets and the other is a turbo floor brush that can be used for longer pile carpets. Even the dust container is easy to remove, it slides out just with a click.

Key Specifications

What past users have to say after using the Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum?

I really like this vac, I would class it as the best one that I have owned as it really cleans the carpets. One thing that I’m disillusioned about is that when vacuuming over carpets using the head with the switch on top that should change from carpet to hard floor the suction is too strong even with the air vent open. It sticks to the floor so not able to vacuum forward and back over the carpets, I can only drag it one way towards me !! Can anybody explain this? However, luckily the other head works fine

Here is a summary of the main pros and cons of Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum


7. Henry HVR 160-11 – Best Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

Have you ever heard of the Henry 200, it’s the most reliable vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom, but for some people, it wasn’t affordable so the Numatic Company decided to make a smaller package of it?

Numatic Henry Compact HVR160 has all the features of Henry 200.You may see the difference of size and weight but nothing more. This vacuum cleaner enables you to clean faster and for longer, it has 10M cable and 6L drum capacity. 

The TriTex Filtration System has also been added to it that is very helpful to clean smaller dust particles and larger debris. It can be used for carpets (shorter pile and longer pile), cars, stairs and hard floors. Nothing can beat the Henry HVR160 in versatility. It is the perfect option for you if you can’t afford the expensive vacuum cleaners and it has all the abilities that are required for the housework.

Key Specifications

What people are saying about Henry Compact HVR160?

“I have a chronic cough which seems to be worse in dusty conditions. Somebody recommended a Henry and it is much, much better than the vac I had before. The suction is impressive, it goes right up to the skirting, and the brush attachment gets in the crevices of the skirting board as well as doing a good job on upholstery. My cough is better since I started using it.”

Here is a summary of the main pros and cons of Numatic Henry Compact HVR160:


8. VYTRONIX 22.2v - Best Cordless Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Vytronix may not be a brand that you’ve heard before but it is the most efficient brand you’ve maybe seen. The Vytronix Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an essential tool for housework with a 22.2V LI-ION battery and O.5L capacity.

Other vacuum cleaners are heavy in weight and we get bored and tired quickly but the Vytronix 22.2v is a vacuum cleaner that comes with a lightweight of only 2.3 kg which enables you to clean the area easily and quickly without getting bored and tired.

You can clean constantly for 35-40 minutes with a single charge. It can be used to clean shorter pile carpets, hard floors and also longer pile carpets. It is also very helpful in collecting the very smallest dust particles and not letting them escape back into the air. The dust container is very simple to remove. And the noise level of this vacuum cleaner is also normal so it isn’t much noise. The Vytronix 22.2v has all the abilities which are required for cleaning and collecting debris.

Key Specifications

A closer look at what past users said about VYTRONIX Vacuum

“Great piece of kit lightweight and very easy to use comes with attachments and great price simplicity in design and very easy to dismantle for cleaning and emptying of dust collector would recommend product to anyone who is looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner“

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:


9. Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder

The Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a strong and most efficient vacuum cleaner. It comes with a long 12m cord that enables you to reach every corner, especially the stairs.

 It’s lightweight makes it easier to carry it and its dust capacity is 1.5 litres that mean no need to empty the dust container again and again. It’s most essential feature is the turbo tool which is very helpful for collecting the fine dust and pet hair from all types of floors. 

The Advanced HEPA Filtration System has also been added to it that helps in trapping 99% of the debris and allergens and not letting them escape back into the air. It isn’t much noise so it would be a great choice if you’re looking for a low noise level vacuum cleaner. The Vax Air Stretch has all the abilities that are to be needed for strongly collecting all the allergens and dust particles leading to a clean and tidy house.

Key Specifications

What past users have to say after using Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder?

“This is a great product which deals with the pet fur on my carpet easily. It has very good suction, is easy to clean out and relatively light, so I can lift it more easily than some I’ve had in the past. When I got this I gave away my old vacuum, even though it was working, but this one is better. I would recommend this vacuum cleaner.”

Some pros and cons are as follows:


The Complete Guide to Picking the Best Vacuum Cleaner

If your budget is just £100 that doesn’t mean you just have to skip its quality. Looking for a vacuum under £100? You have come to the right place because here I will provide you with the best reviews of vacuum cleaners just under £100 and I will guarantee you on its workout. 

Now I will tell you what you have to look out for on a vacuum cleaner if your budget is under £100.

best storage cylinder vacuum cleaner 2021

If you are living in a small flat you won’t need any upright vacuum cleaner, so the best choice is a small cylinder vacuum cleaner which is quite easy to store. They are lightweight and you can store them wherever you want. They are easy to handle and also removes dust and debris with full power suction capability.

best vacuums for large house

If you have a large house then a small cylinder vacuum will just not do the job properly because you have to keep on emptying it while you go.

So for this, you will need an upright vacuum that will just do its job in a good manner.

stairs vacuum cleaner best

If you have stairs at your house then you will need a long pipe type vacuum and a light one that will make your cleaning very easy.

Moreover, you may also look for vacuum cleaners that are specifically just for stairs.

Best vacuum for pet hair 2021

If you have people at your home having long hair or have pets then you might need a vacuum that is good at hair cleaning. Vacuum cleaners come with designed nozzles that do hair cleaning perfectly without the hair tangling.


HEPA FILTERS are made in vacuum cleaners in order to clean the air as you do the cleaning.

The air goes through this filter and captures the allergens inside on which the clean air goes outside.

Also, read more about the comparison between the latest model of Roomba E5 and E6.

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