Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews Best For Pet Lovers| Bissell 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Review
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650a: Product Specifications

Bissell 1650A comes with so many features and specs such as;
It is a bagless vacuum
Lightweight and only weighs 18 pounds
Tangle-free brush roll
Smart seal allergen system keeps fine dust and allergens inside the bin
Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator prevents the odor from seeping out the exhaust
The LED-equipped crevice tool will help you track down pet hair on upholstery or stairs
Swivel steering
Cyclonic spooling system for pet hair
30-foot power cord
5 amp motor
8-foot hose
12” cleaning path with an edge to edge cleaning technology
5 year limited warranty

Some Pros and Cons Of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

  • It comes with a five year limited warranty
  • It can clean both hard surfaces and carpets
  • ​The vacuum head is ultra-maneuverable
  • ​It has special tools for picking up pet hair from upholstery
  • ​It doesn’t tangle on long hair from cats or dogs
  • It struggles with finer debris types
  • It is a little heavy
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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Review

In this article we will be giving review of Bissell pet hair eraser 1650A vacuum cleaner. I love dogs; they keep me fresh and happy. I have two very long-haired and beautiful breeds, a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever.

But they also produce a lot of hair than you could imagine. 

It doesn’t matter how thoroughly I clean and vacuum, as soon I finished, and turn around; I find pet hair like tumbleweeds rolling behind me. 

Cleaning up after pets is a daily-routine, but cleaning up their hair and fur is a difficult task. 

The fur sticks and gets everywhere, and makes life a bit fuzzy. 

I’m well-acquainted when it comes to cleaning by the vacuum cleaner. I discovered how unequipped and so-called vacuums making your life more Herculean when it comes to cleaning your pet fur.

That’s why you need to choose a vacuum that can tackle all pet hair thoroughly, and you can use it regularly without having to pull your floor carpet out of the closet.

But, thanks to Bissell pet hair eraser that save my life.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A is the best vacuum cleaner available in the market that comes with so many amazing features. But before a Bissell pet hair eraser review, let’s find out what essential things you need to consider before buying a pet hair vacuum cleaner?

Things to remember before buying your favorite pet hair eraser vacuum    

  • Most often, it would be best if you had a powerful vacuum to clean pet hair. But trust me, power alone isn’t enough when you are trying to clean the fun our of sofa and carpet.
  • Usually have carpeted room and all we need a lightweight vacuum cleaner with versatility. Maneuverability also considers one of the main factors when it comes to free-moving and cleaning underneath your furniture and corners.
  • You might be wondering why Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner in the market. 
  • Well, you must go for more powerful, easy to moveable and handle, must be equipped with fantastic pet hair functions, like, an advanced system which traps allergens and non-tangling brush heads. 
  • If you have pets at your home, you need a quality vacuum cleaner, which designed mainly for thoroughly cleaning pet hair and keep your home clean. 

Although there are so many vacuum cleaners available in the market, our top pick is Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A upright vacuum with a Tangle-free brushroll. It has an ideal combination of maneuverability, cleaning power, and so many amazing features that work best with pet hair.

If you still confuse and didn’t make your mind about the best vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair, then continue reading this post. 

We are educating you by a complete Bissell pet hair eraser review which for sure will make you fall in love with this Bissell pet hair remover.

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Tangle Free Brushroll

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Reviews

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is compact and lightweight, perfect for cleaning the fur of a pet. 

It is very hard sometime to remove pet hair from pet beds, and furniture with an ordinary cleaning vacuum. 

That’s why I prefer to go with Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A vacuum cleaner which offers an ultimate and convenient solution. 

This lightweight and compact vacuum only weigh 18 pounds, and its beautiful design makes pet hair cleaning very simple.

Main Features :

There are lots of amazing features that make this vacuum cleaner so popular. Besides its standard features that come in most vacuums, Bissell 1650A has some extra capabilities, such as;

1- Tangle-free brushroll

 Tangle-free brushroll
Tangle-free brushroll

It is a very daunting task to find a vacuum that comes with a tangle-free brushroll and doesn’t let the pet hair wrapped.

We all hat to have a pair of scissors to cut off the strands of hair on a brushroll and pull the hair off by your hand and throw it into the trash. 

It seems to be a bit messy.

But good news, thanks to the Bissell pet hair eraser that comes with tangle-free brushroll. Now you don’ need any intervention to clean the mess up, trust the Bissell 1650A, it will not let you down. 

This vacuum prevents hair from getting wrapped around the brushroll.

2- Filtration 

Indoor air quality is an essential part of any vacuum cleaner when it comes to wholesome cleaning.

You will be assured only with a vacuum cleaner that comes with a sound filtration system that no pollutants are circulating back. The Bissell 1650A has a built-in Smart Seal Allergen system, which makes sure to keep indoor air quality pure.

This advanced filtration system guarantees that most allergens, including dust and pollen, are kept at bay. 

However, this vacuum cleaner is not HEPA standard; HEPA filters are most superior in the market when it comes to trapping particle that causes diseases inside in the vacuum. 

Furthermore, it features the “Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator” filter, helps to keep your carpet, floor very fresh after cleaning.

3- Cyclonic spooling system

It is another fantastic feature that helps in cleaning both human and pet hair. This unique feature also helps to separate hair from other debris, and dirt which makes it very easy to empty. 

Also, instead of using hand to pull out pet hair, hold a canister over the bin and shake or tap this canister smoothly to empty in the trash.

4- Multi-surface cleaning

It is highly recommended that you buy a vacuum cleaner which can clean almost everything, except you have only one type of flooring in your house. 

Most of us have a mix of carpet, bare floor and area rug in our homes, so if you get a vacuum which can clean all of them, it would be very incredible. 

Thanks to Bissell 1650A that can clean almost everything. 

As it comes with a 5-level height adjustment, now you can use it on both high and low pile carpets, floors without any issue. 

The transition from floor to the carpet works excellent because its brushroll can be switched off or on. And its swivel steering helps to avoid barriers such as couches and tables. 

Also, it’s suction channel technology increase the strength of picking-up up debris, dirt, and pet hair. Unlike other vacuums that have only suction at one end, the vacuum cleaner comes with edge-to-edge suction.

5- Attachments

This vacuum comes with an array of tools that help the above-floor cleaning, such as crevice tool, quick-release wand, pet Turbo eraser tool, and pet hairbrush.  

The good thing, this crevice tool comes with LED light and gives you more confidence to clean the pet hair.

Is Bissell pet hair eraser 1650a good for me?

Yes, trust me, this is the best and sexiest beast you need to get rid of pet hair instead of your dogs or cat. 

Besides all features, what makes this Bissell pet hair vacuum cleaner is its minimal design and simplicity. 

It is super easy to assemble the vacuum; you don’t need any kind of weird tools for assembling this vacuum. 

It is the most durable vacuum cleaner I ever have seen, comes with five years limited warranty. 

With its lightweight of only 18 pounds, available at a very reasonable price in the market. 

One of the impressive things in this Bissell 1650A is, thoroughly picking up the pet hair and its advanced way of segregating the dirt/hair inside the vacuum cleaner, making sure that this vacuum won’t clog or tangle. 

It is also best for those, who have asthma, the advanced filtration system within the rigid seal’s guarantees that dust, dirt and other tiny asthma triggers adequately contained.

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews | Best Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro,1986

Our team recently tested this vacuum cleaner and on that basis, we decided to create BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews in order to help you choose the best pet carpet cleaner. We found this as one of the best and latest vacuum cleaners that BISSEL has made for pet owners.

Moving forward, we found out that this is one of the vacuum cleaners designed on pet owners mind as it gets dirt and grime out of your carpet easily. We have also tested other vacuum cleaners for pet hair and odours but not every single one worked like BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro. We can say it is better than any other vacuum cleaner as it performs dual functions as a vacuum as well as a carpet cleaner, so you don’t need two different machines anymore.


Models Of BISSELL Proheat 2X:

There are two models manufactured by BISSEL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro that are listed below:

  • BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986 (The one we are reviewing now)
  • BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer with Antibacterial Spot & Stain Remover, 1548

Both contain some different peripherals such as:

In 1986:

  • BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
  • Attachments/accessories (vary by model)

In 1548:

  • BISSELL Pet Stain & Odor Formula
  • Tough Stain Tool

INSIDE THE BOX (BISSELL Revolution Pet Pro, 1986):

INSIDE THE BOX (BISSELL Revolution Pet Pro, 1986):
  • Base with Dirty Water Tank
  • Upper Handle
  • Base with Dirty Water Tank
  • Carry Handle
  • 1 Screw attached to Upper Handle
  • Tough Stain Tool
  • 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool
  • Nozzle Clean Out Tool
  • BISSELL Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial Formula
  • Accessory bag & hose
  • BISSELL Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy
  • Clean Water Tank

The Bissell Proheat comes in one piece but there are some parts that you have to attach in order to set it up and make it running. First of all, I had to put the regular handle with the screw on to the “Carry Handle” from where you can pick up the vacuum cleaner. To be honest, I myself was confused so had to then go through the instructions several times but at the end I had it done.



The BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner has the 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool that is a bonus for its users has both modes:

  • Dry Mode
  • Wet Mode

To collect pet hair it also consists of rubber bristles and a little dustbin attached to dispose of dirt easily. Moreover, there also is a 3-inch handheld tool designed to help the stains scrub out.

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BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews Of "CLEANING":
BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986

To clean the pet carpet we test the deep cleaning mode of the Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution and it was amazing to see the results we experienced. At first pass, it managed to pick up a lot of hair and dirt from the carpet. On the second pass, it even removed the odour from the rug. You only need to pass mostly once over the rug to completely clean the rugs.

So we can say that the Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is much better than other machines as it manages to clean hair from the carpet very smoothly. we also have tested other pet hair cleaners but found the Bissell Proheat 2X better.

As comparing it to other carpet cleaners the Bissell Proheat 2x Pet Pro has a water tank which has a capacity of storing 1 gallon of water. Furthermore, if you are using the deep clean mode it doesn’t seem to last very long. The thing I found annoying was that I had to empty the dirty water two times while I only refilled it once. Moreover, the plus point was that the machine automatically stops when the tank fills, this saves me time as I don’t keep on checking if the dirty water needs to be emptied.

The other thing we found out that we mentioned as a con that it didn’t heat up water as mentioned in its name. So instead I had to fill hot water from the tap, I think that’s, not a big deal. The reason for telling you this is not to expect this machine to heat up water.

BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro DESIGN

As we put the Bissell Pet Pro Vacuum together. We saw it as an upright vacuum that has many incredible features that are not hard to use. For example, you can switch modes very easily between the Deep Clean Mode and the Express Mode. Furthermore, it uses less water and soap so that the carpet can dry faster. s according to the brand it takes about 30 minutes. In this machine, you can just squirt extra soap with a pedal that is the clean shot pre-treater pedal. This phenomenon carries out with the brush head in order to remove tough stains.

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is manoeuvred very easily as the water tank is filled very easily with the solution which is used for cleaning, that is Bissell’s Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy and the Pet stain and Odour + Anti-Bacterial Carpet Formula.

However, all the soaps included in Bissell are not so easy to fill. For example, Pet Urine Eliminator does not fill easily. So make sure to check it twice before pouring it in. Moreover, the bottle cap exists of a measuring scale so also make sure to measure it.

First of all, I scrub the stains twice using the hand tool which got chocolate and dirt off. In the end, the wine and coffee stains were still visible. You should keep in mind that the stains weren’t pre-treated. If they were they would be taken off with a spot treatment


As we have tested many carpet cleaners. We have found this as one of the best carpet cleaners specially designed for pet owners with great features. The Bissell Proheat performs genuinely better than other models.

The Express Clean Mode is especially used for a quick clean before the guest arrives your carpet dries. The carpet dries fast and easily in this mode as personally experienced. The time taken by this mode in order to dry the carpet is close to about an hour.

The Pre-Treatment feature is also very easy to use as it makes a formula which helps in breaking the stains up.

Furthermore, the main feature is the upholstery tool. It performs dual functions. By sucking the pet hair very comfortably ad also washing the furniture.


The Bissell Pet Pro is almost the size of an upright vacuum cleaner. That makes it hard to store because it doesn’t fold up.

So we experienced that you may need a bit of larger area to store the Bissell Proheat.

The plus point is that this carpet cleaner is easy to clean after you use it for cleaning pet hair from the carpet as the brush head of the machine can be taken off easily so that the cover can be rinsed.

Secondly, that is also a nozzle cleaning tool that helps to take out any hair or dirt that makes the users attract toward this product.

Last but not least it also has a bag that is the drawstring bag where all the accessories can be kept.

According to me, this is exceptional as well as ideal to place a bag on the carpet cleaner in order to store the accessories so that you don’t lose them.

Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro VS. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner:

After testing and comparing both of these carpet cleaners we found that both of them are quite similar as both vacuum cleaners include a storage bag where all the accessories are kept.

Moreover, both resemble an Upright Vaccum Cleaner. however, the Hoover Carpet Washer is less expensive than the Bissell Proheat and this has some kind of reflection on its performance.

But there may be some features in the Hoover Carpet Cleaner that makes it not as good as Bissell 2x Revolution such as the leaking of several tanks.

However, the good point is that it has separate spaces for soap and clean water.

Coming to the conclusion it does a good job of cleaning carpets. But it cant perform as good as Bissell. simply it just can’t match the performance of Bissell Proheat.

If you want a simple carpet cleaner with no-frills you might feel happy with the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe.

Where those who want a better carpet cleaner will have to spend some money to get the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet.

Final Verdict

I have tested this as I am myself a pet owner and it works perfectly for me that is why I will recommend this vacuum cleaner for you as a pet owner.