how to clean a vacuum cleaner filter

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter?

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter?

Tank suction systems offer many advantages. As for its maintenance for the best use, you just have to proceed to clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner properly. So that, it continues to work at full capacity and without leaks. It is also necessary to have proper guideline on how to clean a vacuum cleaner filter. Otherwise, the dirt get stuck in the vacuum and it will create difficulty in the running of a vacuum cleaner.

When you buy a vacuum cleaner, ask for filter replacements. It is essential to have good after-sales service in this regard because it is interesting to change them from time to time.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter

The importance of filters

Tried to run the vacuum cleaner without filters, we could have the impression that it continues to work, sucking everything in its path. Even when we finished vacuuming we would find remains in the deposit.

But what would really happen is that we would have fostered a dance of particles of all kinds, distributing potential agents of risk to our health into the air. In other words, we would facilitate the work of infections and others.

Of course, there are filters and filters in terms of quality. But in addition, in each vacuum cleaner, we can find different types of filters for as many functions.

HEPA filter

You should not get a vacuum cleaner that does not have a HEPA-type filter, essential for the healthiest vacuuming.

The current versions minimized in size achieve the maximum retention of dust and the trapping of all types of bacteria, no matter how tiny they may be. Therefore, the replacement of this filter depends on the use. But many of the best brands recommend 6 months for an average use. HEPA filter is present in some of the great vacuum cleaners under 100

Foam Filters

To enhance the meticulous work of the HEPA filter, nothing better than an assistant who takes care of a first screening. Foam filters are guardians and the first suction point for dust. Naturally they tend to surround the HEPA filter. So while you remove one for cleaning, you do the same with these.

Air inlet / outlet filters

The vacuum cleaner mechanism requires air circulation. The aspiration entails a consequent exit of air. Once this air is filtered and freed of particles, it comes out again. However, a new smaller filter proceeds to a new debug.

Clean the vacuum filter

Cleaning all these vacuum cleaner filters takes little time. Once located and arranged under the warm water of the tap, with a light review on them with the hand if there could be any residue, it would be enough. However, drying the filters is imperative so as not to deteriorate them and because water affects their function.

As you can see, cleaning these fundamental elements such as filters will hardly take time. Of course, at the slightest sign of deterioration, better look for your brand’s spare parts. Any small visible pores or mismatches will result in worse aspiration and will affect the condition of all the remaining filters.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter

Differences with vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners seem much cleaner and more hygienic. The bags are still elements with a certain porosity that, once the dust and waste are stored, can end up becoming a source of small-scale contamination.

Moreover, the hermetism of the tank seems the best solution to be able to vacuum for several days in a row without having to empty each time. You forget about spare parts, one less matter to keep the vacuum cleaner ready for its task of vacuuming and improving the ecosystem of your home, after all.

For the rest, the type of work and the suction capacity of some of the best vacuum cleaners. Others will always depend on the power, their accessories, their systems, and their qualities. The vacuum cleaner decision focuses exclusively on the dust collection system and its removal.

And once again finish with the dust removal system, the main difference between the two systems. Furthermore, vacuum cleaners have systems that have been increasingly studied so that the bag closes on itself once it is released from the valve. But even so, the tank, which is directly removable and portable, seems to me safer. The bag, by its very nature, can release dust to any movement or pressure that is made on it. The rigidity of the deposit makes it impossible to release properly stored dust and bacteria into the environment.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter

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