how to clean a vacuum hose

How to clean a vacuum hose?

how to clean a vacuum hose?

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners, including cans, studs, bagless models, and newer styles that say they never lose suction. One thing you will see on many models is some type of hose that allows accessories to be used on furniture or for dusting or reaching up to the ceiling. If the hose leaks, the air pressure drops and the vacuum becomes a much less efficient cleaning machine. Therefore, a new hose must be installed for the vacuum to function as before.

how to clean a vacuum hose

Step 1: Determine the make and model of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum hoses are made for the specific make and model of your vacuum. Write down the name of the manufacturer and the model. Furthermore, go to a hardware or vacuum supply store. A new hose is needed that is the exact size for your best vacuum cleaner. It should also be the proper length. If your vacuum is a canister or other smaller model, just connect the new hose and start cleaning. If it’s a stud with one end of the hose permanently attached, you need to perform vacuum surgery.

Step 2: Remove the old hose

If you still have an instruction manual for your vacuum cleaner, read it and see if it contains any instructions for changing the hose. If you don’t have one, you can download one from the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, this procedure may require unscrewing a panel from the vacuum and stepping in to remove the old hose. It may involve simply pulling the hose firmly with pliers. Be sure, to perform the correct procedure so as not to damage your vacuum cleaner. If in doubt, call the manufacturer or take the entire machine to a shop that fixes vacuum cleaners under 100.

how to clean a vacuum hose

Step 3: Attach the new hose

Once again, follow the instructions. Do not lose any screws when opening the vacuum cleaner. Put everything back as it was before you started. Once the new hose is in place, place it in the bracket on the side of the vacuum to make sure it stays there as designed.

how to clean a vacuum hose

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