iRobot Roomba 620 reviews| Is It Worth Buying?

iRobot Roomba 620 Review
iRobot Roomba 620

Vacuuming is an important part of housekeeping. Fortunately, we live in a place where we don’t have to hold a hand-held vacuum cleaner to complete our work. Now we have a robotic vacuum cleaner that can fully automate the vacuuming process. One of them is the iRobot Roomba 620, a powerful and affordable smart floor cleaner.

Roomba created the 600 series with a budget-friendly intent. Most products in the 600 series are aimed at consumers with tight budgets, novices in the home automation cleaning market, or consumers who want a second (or third) robot as their home. 

Roomba 620 is one of the smallest series. You can find expensive Roomba vacuum cleaners and still do a good job cleaning. Although many features have been removed to save money, the 620 still has enough space under the hood to keep the floor clean.

Pros And Cons Of iRobot Roomba 620

  • Has dirt detection technology that excels in cleaning excess dirty areas
  • Side brush can effectively clean the area near the wall
  • Effectively clean pet hair and dander
  • Integrated with four types of cliff sensors
  • Short charging time
  • Cleaning time up to 60 minutes
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Virtual Wall System
  • Tiny wires may get stuck in the side brush
  • Lack of built-in barrier function to prevent cleaning of certain areas or rooms
  • Lack of scheduling function
  • Weak AI
  • No Remote Control

Key Features

  • The iRobot Roomba 620 vacuum pump is a 33-watt machine weighing about 11 pounds. To obtain a smaller vacuum, it has powerful features that make it an effective automated cleaning tool. Here are some of its main features.
  •  Dirt detection function allows Roomba 620 to focus on dirty areas. The technology is enabled by acoustic sensors that ensure that certain areas with pet hair, dust and dirt are spotless.
  •  AeroVac technology effectively removes hair and other debris left in the brush. This is a smart innovation that helps you save time cleaning your brushes because you don’t need to clean your brushes yourself.
  •  iAdapt responsive cleaning feature uses scanning technology and multiple features to provide a thorough cleaning. This function is responsible for cleaning the edges of the wall, which means it understands the environment. For example, Roomba 620 can detect sudden drops and blockages and prevent them from leaving.
  • Although the Roomba 620’s system has no built-in obstacles that prevent it from entering certain areas, it is compatible with Virtual Wall. This is a Roomba accessory that users can install to order the robot to enter the room.
  • The Roomba 620 has a smaller docking station that you can place anywhere. When not in use or running low, the gadget will automatically return to the workstation.
  • Strong suction power allows Roomba 620 to be thoroughly cleaned, and its performance is better than its 500 series models. It also prevents the device from blindly crossing certain areas.

Descriptive Chart:iRobot Roomba 620

Before the review, I would like to provide a detailed chart showing the main features and benefits of Roomba 620 in an ideal way. Using this simple chart, buyers can more easily determine if Roomba 620 meets their needs or not.

HEPA Filters No
Full Bin Indicator     No
Smart Cleaning   Yes
Energy Usage Reports   No
Cleaning Style Random
Modes      None
Sensing Qualities   Low
Mobile App    No
Noise Average
Battery Life   Good
Dimensions of the Produc  17.99 x 17.01 x 5 Inches
Problems  No Scheduling & Weak AI
Unique Feature   Dirt Detection
Warranty  12 Months
iRobot Roomba 620 Product Description Chart
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Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder Vax Check Price

More Advanced Options

 When you decide to equip your house with a robot cleaner, it’s best to first understand the interior spaces and how they work. In this section, I will detail the important features of the Roomba 620 so you don’t have to take them apart when you put them home.

1.    Setup Process

 Setting up the Roomba 620 takes only 5 minutes without any professional training or assistance. To activate the robotic vacuum cleaner, just press one or two buttons and you can start cleaning. I will not write a step-by-step guide because it will waste your time. The package of the iRobot Roomba 620 includes a user manual that perfectly illustrates the setup process. If you still don’t know what to do, you can contact the support team through the iRobot website. They are great! If you want more information, I will link to the User Guide uploaded by iRobot. This guide is for owners of the 600 series, such as Roomba 614, Roomba 620, and 650.

2.    Design

iRobot Roomba 620
iRobot Roomba 620

Today, buying just useful gadgets is not enough. This is essential for the products we plan to buy look attractive and shiny. Every buyer who wants to own smart home is looking for gadgets that can improve the look of their home.

So it’s important to make our robotic vacuum cleaner look good. Otherwise, no one would be interested. Traditionally, iRobot produces dark robotic vacuum cleaners, but the Roomba 620 with its minimalist black and white design is an exception.

In addition to attractive visuals, knowing the size of a robotic vacuum cleaner is also important because it plays a vital role in cleaning the house. The Roomba 620 measures 17 x 18 x 5 inches and weighs 7.9 pounds. These sizes are good enough to make the Roomba 620 perfectly suitable for TV cabinets, beds, and furniture.

It’s also useful to know what the Roomba 620’s packaging is, so here’s what you’ll find:

  • 1x iRobot Roomba 620
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x Docking Station
  • 1x AC Adapter

3.    Performance

iRobot roomba 620

This part of the review is important because we need to understand the performance of the Roomba 620. If the performance of a smart floor cleaner cannot reach acceptable levels, then there is no need to put unqualified equipment in the home. Therefore, we need to know if Roomba 620 can provide satisfactory results.

Roomba 620 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is randomly cleaned. In other words, Roomba 620 knows little about its surroundings. Therefore, Roomba 620 cannot determine which spots need additional cleaning.

Compared to the Roomba 500 series, the Roomba 650 has enhanced cleaning capabilities, increased power, longer battery life, and an improved navigation system.

My satisfaction with the Roomba 620 is 3-phase cleaning, which makes the robotic vacuum cleaner equally suitable for the use of tiles, carpets, carpets, pieces, and hardwoods. Another cool feature of the Roomba 620 is the detection of dust.

Indeed, the Roomba 620 is a robot cleaner that is randomly cleaned, and it is impossible to determine which spots need additional or less cleaning. To this end, iRobot has introduced a new feature called “Dirt Detection” that helps smart floor cleaners focus on dirtier places.

This is a great feature because it helps smart floor cleaners save energy and reduces the focus on relatively clean places.

4. Features

Irobot roomba 630 review
Roomba 620

Another important topic to discuss is the features of the Roomba 620, so we can understand the uniqueness of this robotic vacuum cleaner. Therefore, we created a detailed chart that lists the key features of the Roomba 620:

  • Three-step cleaning system
  • Automatic docking station and charging
  • Virtual Wall Technology
  • Dirt detection
  • iAdapt’s Responsive Cleaning
  • Automatically adjust the floor

 5.    Cleaning Capabilities

iRobot Roomba 620
iRobot Roomba 620 Review

 Understanding the cleaning capabilities of robotic vacuum cleaners is another important topic we must discuss. The main reason people buy smart gadgets is their ability. In this case, it is important to know how clean the Roomba 620 is. If Roomba 620 fails to meet the buyer’s minimum standards, we should start looking for alternatives.

Generally, Roomba 620 has zero failures in detecting walls, stairs, and large objects. We noticed that the Roomba 620 usually had difficulty seeing the legs of the chair and table. Therefore, in some cases, the 620 models will hit these obstacles and may get stuck between them.

6.    Dust Bin

The trash can on this Roomba model is larger than other trash cans, which means you can empty it. If you have a big house or pet, then this will be a popular choice. This product has a long batting life, but it is still recommended that you purchase a second one for backup. You never know when you need it.

7.    The Filters Are Small but Mighty

Filtration will always be the crux of vacuum sales. Filtering the air returned to the room is vital to the overall health of the entire family. Especially if you are allergic to indoor pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, and even dust mites.

Therefore, iRobot uses what they call AeroVac standard filtering technology. Roomba also uses high-efficiency filters but was not found on the 620. The standard filter is a decent filter that performs two basic tasks: protects the motor from contamination and captures particles that return to the air and behind the floor Machine.

Both have done well. Unlike some vertical models, there are no front and front filters. You will get a filter that fits inside the machine and can be used by clearing the trash can. The filters do protect the motor well, keeping the entire area free of dust and debris.

However, the filter is small, which means it fills up quickly. The Roomba user manual will advise you to change the filter every three months. However, you should check it every two or three cleaning cycles. Most users report that filters need to be changed every six to eight weeks.

8.    The Battery

Other robots in the 600 series use smaller batteries and have shorter runtimes. For example, the 650 and 652 run for about an hour, using 2200mAh and 2600mAh batteries, respectively.

On the other hand, the Roomba 620 can run for up to 90 minutes. The battery installed in the 620 is often mistaken for a high-output 3500mAh battery. This confusion occurs because you can buy replacement batteries from the iRobot website.

The 620 built-in 3300mAh battery can provide you with convenience. The difference is not big, but you need to be careful. In addition to the above-average battery capacity and an additional half-hour run time, you also get the benefits of a robot with a larger battery.

Since the 620 removes most of the energy-intensive functions such as wireless communications, the battery and the power it provides can be focused more on sensors, navigation, motor control, and leveling of the bin.

9. Controlling of Roomba 620

With Roomba 620, you won’t have a lot of extra stuff. One of the missing extra features in the form of control. You will have local controls and nothing more. There is no wireless receiver in Roomba, and voice commands or mobile applications cannot be used. The device also does not come with remote control.

10. Support

When people buy a new product, they sometimes try their best to solve the problem. When they can’t find the answer and the user manual doesn’t help, the only option left is to contact the support team.

Fortunately, iRobot has one of the best support teams. You can contact them via email, live chat, and phone. You can find all the contact information on their website. I have spoken with them several times and always receive professional answers and tips.

11. Warranty

Roomba 620 has a one-year limited warranty, except for the battery. Please make sure to contact iRobot support immediately if a problem occurs. Do not wait for one year to obtain your warranty. At the same time, replacement guarantees and refunds are up to the retailer.

Does Roomba 620 have WiFi?

Unfortunately, iRobot Roomba 620 doesn’t have WiFi.

Does it clean rugs and carpets well?

Yes… it’s awesome just make sure you take it apart and clean every 2 months… the brushes will get tangled with hair and other things

can you schedule this robot to his job when you are not at home the same as the expensive models?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot schedule this robot.The iRobot Roomba 620 does not have the scheduling buttons nor WiFi internet access.

How do you empty the lint box?

It has a small drawer on the outside which opens easily.


As you can see from the table above, the Roomba 620 is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner with powerful features, cleaning capabilities and durability. My satisfaction with the Roomba 620 is that it never fails.

Only in a few cases did the Roomba 620 fails to find its docking station, and the actual cleaning process was satisfactory. It did leave some spots, but not much to watch.

Ideally, the Roomba 620 will have scheduling features and remote control to give owners more freedom and flexibility, but you can still do well without them.

Roomba 620 is one of iRobot’s most beautiful works. It is unique, beautifully designed, powerful, practical and practical. Roomba 620 is the best-selling product on Amazon and currently has thousands of satisfied customers.

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