Shark ion p50

Shark ION P50 Review | Best Lightweight Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter

Shark Ion p50

Honestly giving The Shark Ion P50 Review, it is a light-weight upright vacuum cleaner consisting of a HEPA filter. The Ion P50 vacuum cleaner has more modern features that attract the customers towards it. It can also be used as a stick vac that adds compatibility to it. The Shark Ion P50 is a cord-free vacuum that has a removable and rechargeable battery. This machine is quite hard to classify but that does not mean it can be bad. It also has many features that can say it is one of the best vacuum machines.

Quick Specs:

Type Upright
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for… Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features No
Approx. Weight 12 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration Yes
Power Cord Length Cordless
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 5 Years


The first thing we should know that there are two different P50 models that are manufactured by Shark, the 1C160 and the 1C162 (The one we are reviewing). Both the machines are the same but peripherals may differ.

Shark ION P50 1C160

  • Dusting brush
  • 8-inch crevice tool
  • ION power core charger
  • ION power core battery

Shark ION P50 1C162

  • Dusting brush
  • Dusting crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • ION power core charging cradle
  • ION power core battery
  • ION power core charger

Inside The Box

Shark Ion p50  inside the box
Inside The Box Shark ION p50
  • Shark ION P50 Powered Lift-Away
  • A start guide
  • Charger
  • Charging cradle
  • Dusting brush
  • A duster crevice tool
  • Lithium ION battery
  • Upholstery tool

It has mainly three tools that are compression fit, which means they can be put and pulled off.

  • Duster Brush
  • Duster Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool

We might say that the compression fit system is good but if it had a click-system it would have been even better to maintain it. Where you just have to apply a little amount of force or depress it to fix on and press the button to take it off.

Moreover discussing on Shark ION P50 Review it doesn’t have a motorized brushing tool. If it had one it would be very nice. The motorized brushing tool may help in dealing with the ground where dirt and hair on the carpet.

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Battery Type And Specs :

Shark ION P50 battery

ION P50 has a lithium battery followed by the specs:

  • 28.8 V
  • 83.52 Wh
  • 2900 mAH


As said above the battery of ION P50 is removable. If you have more than one battery you can take it out and charge the other while using the exiting. Knowing that the battery can be charged in the charging cradle as well as in the vacuum. This is an amazing feature as you do not have to always take the battery out of the vacuum cleaner.

Shark P50 battery

Moreover, three lights have been placed for the purpose of charging into the Shark P50 battery. These three lights indicate three different things :

  • One of the light indicates the charging that may be remaining in the vacuum cleaner.
  • The other indicates or show status while charging.
  • The third shows that the vacuum is fully charged.

Time Taken To Fully Charge: Time taken by the Shark ION P50 Battery to fully charge is about 3.5 hours which is a reasonable time.

Coming to the main fact that the Shark ION P50 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has four different ways of charging. This capability makes ION P50 into the competition.

Shark ION P50 Running Time

Talking on the main feature that is the running time of the Shark ION P50. It has about 50 minutes of running time which is much better than the other vacuum machines. This is for a specific configuration that is using the lift-away feature. While in other configurations the running time of ION P50 is quite low as per table:

According to our team tests, we found the following run time of the Shark Ion P50

Mode and Settings Ion-Power Ion-Boost
Upright and Powered Lift-Away (Bare Floor)30 min 32 sec20min & 20sec
Upright and Powered Lift-Away (Carpet) 28min 50sec20min & 19sec
Above-Floor and Lift-Away (Wand or Handle) 50min 13sec19min & 0 sec

Shark ION P50 Pros And Cons:

The pros and cons of the ION P50 based on the reviews of the customers and based on our own we have detected and found out that the following may be the pros and cons of this vacuum cleaner.

  • The lift-away feature of the machine is very handy
  • Duo clean technology is much better
  • Has a removable battery
  • Consists of cordless capabilities
  • Charged in four different ways
  • The canister of dust is large in size than other stick vacs
  • Great running time
  • Not much noise
  • Status lights are available
  • Very easy to move
  • Compression fit tools are added
  • Edge cleaning is not as good
  • Motorized brush tools are not available
  • The brush rolls cannot be turned off


DuoClean Technology is quite useful and many customers including my own self have liked it very much.

This technology basically consists of two brush rolls which are located at the cleaner head.

  1. One is present near the centre of the cleaner head that is bristled.
  2. While the other brush roll is present at that front of the cleaner head that is soft.

Testing and using this great feature over the past few years has now made us believe that this is what makes customers attract to this vacuum. The main idea of this is that the brush roller on the front tackles the dust easily while the soft one gets up the dust that is stuck on it which helps a lot on smooth surfaces. It has made carpet cleaning much easier and better without any effects made on the carpet.

Before this technology, the users were provided with different cleaner heads that they had to change for floors and for carpets. This was not as easier as swapping the cleaner heads around. Now DuoClean Technology has eliminated this need so it has advanced.

The con of this is that the brush rolls on the cleaner head cannot be turned off as they are automatic. So on cleaning carpets, the brush rolls move rapidly while on other floors they slow down.

Moreover, the Shark ION P50 has a narrow cleaner head and this may have advantages such as:

  1. This makes it easy to move
  2. Easier to get into narrow areas as compared to the larger cleaner head which cannot.


The lift-away feature is quite popular and simple that is why it is maintained in shark uprights as well as it works well.

The lift-away feature allows the machine to work as an upright and allows carrying the dust canister and motor assembly in a single hand while carrying the cleaner on the other hand. This allows you to do things very easily such as cleaning areas that are hard to reach in the home or even inside any vehicle. Moreover, the Shark ION P50 is cordless that helps a lot in cleaning those areas where there is no power outlet.

The ION P50 may become operational in the following ways:

  1. You can use it like an upright where the lift-away pod is attached to the vacuum
  2. Like A stick vacuum – holding the lift-away pod in one hand and the other sections become lightweight that is easy to carry.
  3. Like handheld – holding the pod with one and using the handle tool with the other.


The cleaning capability of the ION P50 is good as well as easy to handle. Every single thing you just can set up on your thumb because the keys are just accessible. This makes you control it, on one hand, isn’t this great? Personally I quite like this feature. The controls that you may handle are:

  • The Power ON/OFF Button
  • The setting of floors such as Carpets or a Bare Floor
  • Also the ION boost mode

The power modes are one of the attractive terms that the manufacturers come up with but the ION power is Low While the ION boost is High.

The thing we found unusual but interesting was about the ION boost mode. In order to turn it on you have to hold down the ION boost. This is a great way of not increasing it’s run time so that it can run much longer. The lift-away mode of the vacuum in some way automatically engages ION boost mode. First of all, we were not quite sure why they had added this but perhaps they might have thought that ION boost mode provides some extra suction which may be useful to the lift-away feature.

The two headlights also perform such a great work as the vacuum power is turned ON and as the brush rolls get into action they automatically turn on. The area in front of the vacuum is illuminated.

Cleaning Of Carpets:

Shark ion p50 reviews

We have tested the ION P50 in many ways on cleaning the carpet on different modes. This vacuum cleaner shows great energy as compared to the others as Shark NV752 True Pet. The NV752 is a corded upright vacuum cleaner that has no Duo Technology and consists of only one brush roll.

According to our test the pickup result of debris was:

Overall both are good but the ION P50 has an automated Duo Technology mode which ranks it better and advanced.

Cleaning Of Bare Floors

Shark Ion P50 Reviews
shark ion p50 cleaning bare floor

Now we did the test on bare floors and we came up of the final result that was:

Now here you can see clearly that the NV752 has only one mode which turns off while moving it to the bare floors. As compared to the Shark Ion P50 that has the Duo Clean system with its soft brush rolls which enables it to do its job easily.

Cleaning Of Pet Hair

Shark IOn p50 pet hair cleaning
Shark IOn p50 pet hair cleaning

Then we tested the cleaning of pet hair and ran ION P50 (ION power mode) and NV752 on some white dog hair.

We came up to the result that ION P50 managed the pickup very easily while the NV752 was quite aggressive during the pickup. As the NV752 is corded this makes it a bit harder on moving on carpets. ION P50 is cordless and you can see the result.

Cleaning Of Edges

We have tried this test out on every vacuum cleaner, some of them clean the edges with perfection and easily but some struggle to clean them up. We tested out ION P50 in comparison with the NV752 and found out that NV752 did its work perfectly while P50 struggled.


As per our review, ION P50 is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners with not much noise. It’s always a pleasure to use it even while having a conversation. We have also done many noise tests in different modes and came up with the result that it’s great and quite.

As also comparing it with other vacuum cleaners we found the ION P50 better.

Dust Canister

One of the things I hate is emptying the dust canister again and again. The thing I liked much in the Shark ION P50 is that it has a large dust canister that is 0.54 dry quartz while other vacuums don’t have such big dust canisters. Furthermore, the detachment of the canister from the vacuum is quite easy and that makes it to easily reattach also.

As the dust canister is located at the bottom, by pushing one button the debris falls out of the vacuum. The good point is that you don’t even have to put your hand inside it as the debris never gets stuck. We have seen and done this before with other bagless vacuums.


The Shark ION P50 consists of three filters:

2 pre-motor filters and 1 post-motor filter. The pre-motor filters are on the left side of the vacuum cleaner at the bottom. As you slide the slider and push it down, inside you can see the foam filter and inside the foam filter, there is a fabric filter. They are rinsable in water and also very easy to put back in. The HEPA filter is located in the area where the battery resides. This filter is also rinsable in water.

The pre-motor filters have to be cleaned at least once per month and the HEPA filter at least once per year. If you are often running the machine so you also have to clean it up more frequently. There is another point to note down here that there is no need to use soap over here. While taking the filters out for the first time it might be a little hard so, use a firm hand on it. While putting them back in it will make a clicking noise to fit back.

The filtration is at it’s best once it is provided with the seal system which makes it better. The Shark ION P50 contains both the HEPA filter and the sealed system. The way that seals system works and dominates is that it does not leak any air out of the machine through weak seals. Furthermore, the air, first of all, goes through these filters which makes it clean and this keeps air in your home clean.


The Shark ION P50 is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner which has about 12 pounds shipping weight and 12 lbs (without accessories). The dimensions of this vacuum are calculated as 10.2 x 12.4 x 44.8 inches. It is not that heavy at least you won’t feel like carrying some unnecessary weight around. Thanks to the lift-away technology that you don’t need to lift the whole machine. Many other vacuum cleaners are very heavy as compared to this one.


The movement of the Shark ION P50 is quite good as tested personally by us and reviews of customers. It works perfectly both on the carpet and on the floor as well. Moreover, the direction is just as easy to change by just twisting your wrist round by the swivel steering. While testing its movement we also found out that the machine goes forward easily as it needs a little pull while moving it back, but that doesn’t affect anything nor is it a problem.

As then we tested this machine on the carpet mode on a pile one in which we found a little resist on moving it forward but was smoothly moving back. The main fact here is that it even moves in a deep pile carpet while other vacuum cleaners just get stuck. Still, we cannot say it that it is perfect on a deep pile carpet, but the average will suit.

Easy To Store: Another great feature of this vacuum is that it is very easy to store as it has been designed to stand on its own. While other stick vacs have to be leaned against the wall in order to keep it stable enough.


The Shark ION P50 vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-year warranty for the vacuum cleaner. While A 2-year limited warranty for the lithium battery. I think that’s enough as I have seen in other cases.


The manual of Shark ION P50 consists of the basics and you will be able to find information on charging the battery, operating the vacuum, Accessories that are additional, maintenance as well as the warranty.


As per reviews by the users and my self-opinion, the Duoclean Technology has added much to this vacuum cleaner. We have to say that it is very quiet as a comparison to other vacuum cleaners. The nozzle of the floor is now motorized which makes it easy to move around. It is perfectly movable on all types of floors and this is a plus point.

On the cons there is a single battery pack included would be great if it had one on back up. Other cons include the weight of the battery pack which is a little heavy. Some accessories are sold out separately which may be pricey. But honestly saying that this product works great and investment on this will never go waste.

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