Shark NV801 Vs NV803| Unbiased Comparison And Review For 2020

Shark NV801 vs NV803
Shark NV801 vs NV803
Shark NV801 vs NV803

So before moving on to the comparison and review of Shark NV801 Vs NV803, we just found many similarities in these powered lift-away vacuum cleaners as well as minor differences. People get really confused between both of these vacuums as they are quite similar, well it is hard to choose between both of them. While testing out both of these Shark vacuums we found out some great features as well as some cons in them.

For this me and my team tested out these Shark models and made a review so that we could choose a better model for you. Both of these models are the combination of great and unique features which makes cleaning very easy on any hard floor as well as carpets.

Shark NV801 Vs NV803 PROS And CONS Of Both:

Pros and Cons of NV801

  • Great Lift-Away feature
  • Pet hair cleaning is better
  • Brushrolls which are best for maintenance
  • The cleaner head is of low profile
  • Works outstanding on both carpets and floors
  • Maneuvrable
  • The filters are washable
  • The suction is great
  • The dust cup is small
  • Power ON/OFF Button is on the vacuum not on the hand.
  • Hose is short

Pros and Cons of NV803

  • Designed lightweight
  • Assembled easily
  • Powered Lift-Away Mode
  • Good Suction
  • Includes the filtrating technology
  • All necessary accessories are included
  • User-Friendly
  • Limited Warranty of 7-Years
  • Not much assembly involved
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Shark NV801 Vs NV803, Features & Similarities:

As we tested both of these vacuums over a long period of research, we now came up with the final similarities that we found in them:

Lift-Away Technology:

This is one of the most used technologies now as well as a great feature that Shark now introduces in most of its’ vacuum cleaners. With this technology, you can reach that part of the places at your home where the whole unit can’t reach such as under the furniture or cleaning inside of your vehicle. This has made cleaning very easy you just need to detach the canister from the main unit, now the vacuum is converted to a hand vacuum by the touch of a single button. Both Shark NV803 & NV801 have this great feature.

DuoClean Technology:

DuoClean Technology is also a great feature that is included in both of these vacuum cleaners. You may be thinking what does this do? Well this includes two brush rolls, one is the hard roll and the second brush roll is soft. The soft and stiff (hard) bristle both work excellently in cleaning large debris as well as high piles that are stuck on the carpet. This feature is not only used in pulling in debris from the carpet but pulls in debris from floors as well.

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Carpet Cleaning:

After we tested this technology of Shark NV801 and NV803 we found out that it did a great job of cleaning the debris as well as pet hair from the carpet in a good manner leaving nothing behind.

Edge Cleaning:

As we moved to test the edge cleaning of both the vacuums we found out that the edge cleaning feature of NV803 was working fairly. But NV801 had its right side nozzle better than the left one, cleaning up the edges tightly.

Pet Hair Cleaning:

Shark NV801 and NV803 are best for the owners who have pets at home as regular cleaners cannot pick up pet hair. The reviews of both of these machines are great as they include a multi-tool specially used to pick up pet hair from your carpet, furniture or where ever your pet is moving at home or your vehicle. I will say for pet owners these two models will do the job.

Complete Seal Technology (Allergen Facts):

After testing and getting user reviews we got to the fact that Shark NV801 & NV803 are great anti-allergy machines. Now, what is complete seal technology? or anti-allergy machine?

Complete seal technology vacuum cleaners are specially designed vacuums so that the air can’t leak out of the machine which might cause allergen facts which is a dangerous factor for your health. Moreover, they contain the HEPA filter which traps the dust air inside and doesn’t let it leak outside so that is a plus point in both these vacuum cleaners.

But here I must add that Shark NV803 has a standard HEPA Filtration which works much better and guarantees to capture 99.7% of pollutants.

LED Headlights On Nozzle:

This is another feature of Shark NV801 and NV803. LED headlights are present on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaners so as to detect the debris even in dark areas. So this feature allows you to now see dark areas where you think there is no dust, but after the addition of this feature, you can see the dark areas and clean the dust.

Swivel Steering Feature:

Maneuvering under the furniture is not easy when you have an upright vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t have enough swiveling you cannot be satisfied. Both of these vacuum cleaners have come up with a steering technology which makes cleaning much easier than ever. With this amazing feature now you can get rid of dust or debris attached to any obstacle at home. Moreover, the canister is detached which allows access to any part of hidden areas.

Length Of Power Cord:

The length of the power cord also has an effect on the reviews of both vacuum cleaners. You may have experienced those vacuum cleaners having short power cords are hard to use as you need to find a socket near you. But now there is no worry as Shark NV801 & NV803 has long power cords with a length of 30 feet which cover the whole of your room comfortably.

Weight Of The Product:

This also comes in the similarities of these vacuum cleaners that both have the same weight. Personally experienced they are not that heavy in weight. The Shark NV801 & NV803 has a weight of 15 lbs.

Shark NV801 Vs NV803 “The Difference”:

While testing both the vacuum cleaners we also found out only a few differences that are as under:

Path Of Cleaning:

The cleaning path size of Shark NV801 Vs NV803 Differ. The Shark NV801 vacuums size of the cleaning path is 8.5 inches. While the size of the cleaning path of Shark NV803 is larger and is 11.9 inches.


The accessories you get from both the vacuums are different as from the Shark NV803 you get:

  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • A crevice tool
  • An under appliance wand
  • A pet power brush

While on the other hand from a Shark NV801 you get:

  • Duster crevice tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Under appliance wand

It does not have a pet power brush with it.

Moreover, when you buy the Shark NV803 you also get an accessory bag with it for the storage of tools that you have got with it. But the case is not the if you purchase Shark NV801.

Which One To Buy?:

Testing both of the products and now giving an unbiased conclusion of both of them as both of the vacuum cleaners are very similar and only a few differences are found in them. I will consider the Shark NV803 that is because of its HEPA standard filtration works amazing.

Moreover, an extra attachment that included in Shark NV803 that is not available in Shark NV801. You can buy all the accessories of Shark Vacuums separately, so why not buy a product which already has all the accessories included.

Keeping everything aside what you can be sure of getting top performance from both Shark NV801 and NV803. So now the choice is yours.

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